Get Your Page Evaluated for Free & Win a Lifetime Unlimited Account!

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A couple of weeks back we included you folks in our Instapage mission – a mission of simplifying marketing for every single marketer out there. We asked you guys to submit the best landing page you had created with Instapage and we promised to analyze your pages for you free of cost.

For everyone who’s coming across this news for the first time. Yes, that’s right – free of cost.

Guess how that experiment turned out?

Yes – it was truly spectacular. We got an overwhelming response from you and received several landing pages that we are genuinely proud of. Owing to the success of the last venture we vowed to offer you this opportunity again and because we never go back on our word, lo and behold that time has come.

You are invited to submit a landing page that you’ve created in the Instapage builder – a page that you think has the ability to win the battle of landing page evaluations. After all the entries are in, we’re going to be selecting the 10 best landing pages and are going to be evaluating them for you in order to help you turn your perfect landing page into a true masterpiece.

We will not only tell you what we love about your page but will also give you advice that will help you get your hands on even more conversions.

That’s not all though.

Along with a free evaluation, the winner of the battle of landing page evaluations will be given the Instapage golden ticket – an unlimited Instapage account free for life.

Comment below with your Instapage landing page URL and get a chance to compete in the battle of landing page evaluations round 2.

May the best landing page win.