4 More Landing Page Design Trends to Follow in 2015 (With Examples)

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We know you care about landing page design trends.


Well, there’s this Google trends graph for one:

The fact that more than 1,500 landing pages are created with Instapage daily is our second clue. Plus, our landing page trends post from both February and June are still attracting a couple of thousand unique page views in Google Analytics.

So, we know you’re interested in learning about what new trends to practice on your landing pages, and at Instapage we believe in giving our readers exactly what they ask for.

Some trends we’ve already covered include full-screen contextual videos, two-step opt-in forms, professional custom photography, and animated page elements.

But, we’re still not done.

We always have our ear to the ground to keep up on the latest in landing page optimization techniques, discovering what works, what doesn’t, and how you can make a huge impact with small changes. It is in this spirit that we’ve written today’s post – 4 more landing page design trends you should include on your landing pages in 2015.

Let’s begin.

Trend # 1: Vertical Split Layouts

The traditional horizontal page layouts are out, and vertical split layouts are in. With vertical layouts, you can display two or more elements on your page with equal prominence. Think your landing page form deserves as much attention as your headline?

Instead of placing the form after the fold why not do what Salesforce does with their landing page and give equal importance to all the page elements:

The split screens allow you to showcase your landing page elements alongside each other without adding clutter to your page.

You can even use vertical split screens the way Uber does with its landing page. It focuses on the form and headlines above the fold and then below the fold they’ve placed the advantages Uber offers its drivers in steps:

Trend # 2: Use of Gifs for Product Demonstration

Showing context of use is extremely important on your landing pages. In the past this was done with the help of static images, however, now it’s time to get animated, which is why gifs have taken over screenshots.

Contrary to videos, gifs explain how the product is used in a more compact and automatic way – plus your loading speed isn’t affected.

This is what we do with our landing page too when explaining features of the Instapage builder:

It’s what Visual Website Optimizer does with its landing page too:

Tired of using the same old screenshots? Give gifs a chance this year.

Trend # 3: Single Screen Layouts

Minimalism is trending this year. Navigation bars have been replaced by hidden menus, paragraphs of copy have been replaced by animated elements and whitespace is seen all over landing pages.

Single screen landing pages are a step marketers are taking toward minimalistic design. If the purpose of your page can be described in a single screen, why waste screen space? Do what TwinPics does with their page:

Wistia does this too with their page:

The headline, copy and screenshot of the product are described on the left side along with customer badges of notable companies. Then on the right side Wistia features the lead capture form and their call to action button.

Trend # 4: Personalized Icons

Personalization is a vital ingredient in landing page optimization, whether you’re personalizing your headline or the copy of your CTA button. Another emerging trend in this domain are personalized icons that help explain features of your product/service.

Instead of buying stock icons for your landing page, marketers are opting to create icons that are unique to their service.

Breeze does this with their landing page:

So does Lyft:

Although, Lyft’s icons are simpler than those of Breeze, the hot pink accents on the images are what set them apart from icons on other landing pages.

Simple changes to your landing page design can lead to an ample increase in your lead capture process – the trick is to know what to change. Implement these 4 design trends on your landing pages and let us know the effect they have on your conversion rates.

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