Lessons from Landing Pages that Convert

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Not all landing pages are created equal—or created for the same purpose.

Whether your landing page “goal” is to get ebook downloads, free trial users, or visitors to put down $1 reservations, its success hinges on one metric—the conversion rate.

This metric varies drastically between industries because users respond differently to offers depending on the industry. Higher-priced offers have lower conversion rates because buyers are more cautious about making purchasing decisions that involve a more significant investment and commitment.

For example, the average conversion rate for the real estate industry is generally lower than the average conversion rate for the DTC industry because buying a house is a much more significant commitment than buying a toothbrush.

So knowing your landing page conversion rate (CVR) is not enough to understand how you measure up against the competition in your market.

To really assess if your page is doing well, you need to know the average CVR for your industry.

Landing page conversion rate averages across industries

According to recent data, the average conversion rate for Google Ads (search network) is 4.45%, while the average conversion rate for Facebook Ads is 7.44% across 11 industries.

The average landing page conversion rate for Instapage customers is 12.97%—which is 292% higher than Google and 174% higher than the Facebook average.
So, what sets landing pages created with Instapage apart from the competition? Let’s find out.

Featured below are Instapage client landing page examples for your campaign inspiration that have higher CVRs than their industry averages. We’ll examine the pages for what they’re doing right and how you can use them as inspiration for your next campaign.

The Instapage landing page examples breakdown

Plymouth Rock Assurance (CVR: 17.97%)

Plymouth Rock Assurance is “more than just insurance.” The company offers users affordable rates on car insurance and home insurance.

Their “Get a quote” landing page has a 17.97% conversion rate, which is much higher than the industry average for both Google and Facebook Ads.

SVGator (CVR: 44.5%)

SVGator is the ultimate SVG animation generator. The platform provides users with a thoughtfully designed, intuitive interface.

The SVGator free account landing page gets visitors to sign up and try the tool for free. Here’s everything that works for the page.

Oxford University Press (CVR: 33%)

The Oxford University Press’ Oxford Languages landing page promotes a free report on “the language of vaccines.”

Here’s everything the page does right.

Using landing page optimization best practices such as a benefit-driven headline and user-centric copy helps improve the likelihood of getting higher landing page conversion rates. However, you still need the right platform to help you implement and monitor everything. Instapage gives you this edge.

How Instapage can help get a high conversion rate

Instapage includes six primary products and hundreds of features built specifically to help our clients increase landing page conversion rates and their ROAS.

Create landing pages with a better builder

Instapage allows you to create relevant, on-brand, mobile-optimized landing pages without a developer.

With the Instapage builder, you get:

1:1 ad-to-page personalization

You can now dynamically deliver relevant landing page experiences to every audience segment, which increases conversion rates.

Effortlessly connect your ads with landing pages using AdMap®

Instapage doesn’t only help you create better-performing landing pages. You can also visualize your ad campaigns and effortlessly connect ads to relevant landing pages all in one place with AdMap®.

Accelerate page speed with the Thor Render Engine® and AMP

Perform seamless experiments

You can now take full ownership of your landing page experiences by optimizing conversion rates with precise A/B testing, analytic insights, and personalization.

With Instapage, you can consistently test, learn, and improve.

When you sign up for Instapage, you get access to the most powerful way to create, personalize, and optimize landing pages at scale.

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