The Landing Page Competition Runners-Up Are…

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We did a round of the winning landing pages last week and now it’s time to shine some light on the runners-up. Yes, you’re standing a little low on the podium but your pages did make an impression, they made us take notice, so give yourself a pat on the back because we have a “Runner Up” badge for each and every one of you.

A small disclaimer before we begin, if I get a little too harsh during the analysis don’t take it to your heart because whatever I say I do to fast track your landing page on the road to becoming a POLP (perfectly optimized landing page).

1. Agence des Artisan Agrees

The first thing I like about the page is the headline it’s clear and effective “A network of plumbers at your service 24/24 and 7/7” although just a 24/7 would suffice. The image of the happy plumber guy in his uniform portrays a sense of trust and credibility. The benefits of the service are written down in neat points.

Although I would change all the “our” talk in the copy and use a little “you” in there. They have a phone number listed which is good for this type of service. The lead capture form length is appropriate, the CTA button is a bit generic but works out fine.

2. Baghdad Invest

The purpose of the page is clear from the headline, you can easily sign in just by entering in your email address and then you’re in, you’ve gotten access to Baghdad Invest.

That being said, although I do get what the page is about I am not a very big fan of the headline, in fact I think the phrase at the bottom of the page, “the real truth about what is going on inside Iraq” would serve as a much better headline. Other than that the page has social media integration and because the social media counters are high, the concept of social proof kicks in, the page has testimonials from readers (though the testimonials need a human image next to them instead of the stick figures featured on the page) and endorsements from renowned news sources.

The page has an image of what Baghdad Invest looks like and an image of the Iraqi flag, the CTA button needs to be increased in size and the color of the button also needs to be tested.

3. Light Marketing

The page screams discounted offer, a lot of cut down figures are mentioned on the page which works towards the persuasion principle of loss aversion. Users will hop on to click the CTA button to get advantage of all the amazing offers. The image of the girl all happy because of the discounted offers could be tested for something moreevant.

The copy is listed in neat points which increases readability and thus works well for conversions. The lead capture form is adequate with a nice contrasting CTA button attached at its bottom. The headline is also effective it mentions numbers which is always good for convincing users.

4. Olson Investment Advisors

The headline is clear in what the report is going to deliver to the user, the background image isevant featuring an airplane and a copy of the report. The CTA button is contrasting and somewhat generic.

What needs to change on the page is the lead capture form because offering a complimentary report doesn’t justify asking your users for their phone number or their street address, that just adds a lot of hurdles in the conversion process. The copy could also be toned down a little bit, it just seems too much for a complimentary report.


The image isevant and the headline does the job of explaining what the page is about. The layout of the headline could be changed though. The slogan of the petition is featured clearly which is good for credibility.

The lead capture form is of the appropriate length, the supporting copy of the page lists what the petition is about and uses capital letters to emphasize the main points. The social media integration helps with the credibility too as the tally is quite high.

6. Ecodeals

The page is very simplistic and clean. There’s a nice logo of the company, with a tagline that does all of the explaining needed to understand the purpose of the page. The copy is straightforward with a short lead capture form and a nice big contrasting CTA button.

The background image also gels well with the message of the company. What needs to be tested is the CTA copy and what needs attention is the fact that the links at the bottom of the page don’t seem to be working.

7. Yoga Meditation

The headline is quite clear, when you click the CTA button you’ll get access to a yoga video class. The copy under the headline also looks like the headline as it doesn’t really add anything new and just rephrases what has been said above.

The image isevant, but, the page doesn’t make use of directional cues, the woman’s line of sight perhaps could be put to better use. The lead capture form is short as it really should be with a free product.

The testimonials at the bottom confuse me as they sound more like testimonials for the benefit of yoga rather than of the Yoga Meditation service. The CTA button is personalized and contrasting.

8. StoreX

The headline is effective because it assigns a number value to the success that users will get out of clicking on the CTA button, it just doesn’t say increase your in store efficiency but emphasizes that the efficiency can be increased by around 35%.

The copy is short and descriptive it tells the user everything that he would want to know about before he upgrades to StoreX. The images areevant showing the product being used while providing the benefits of the service in snippets alongside the image, this helps with the layout of the page.

The lead capture form is short and hence easy to fill out, the CTA button could be tested for improvements but it still gets the job done. The size of the button however could be increased in size, because right now it seems to be smaller than the lead capture form which doesn’t really sit well with me.

However, the overall layout of the page and the background are effective and conversion friendly.

9. Brain Power Training

The headline is clear – though the white space on the page needs attention as the page looks a little too stuffed right now. The image isevant showing the increase of sales mentioned in the headline.

The page lists their previous clients’ logos which helps with their credibility and legitimacy, so does the phone number on the top left corner of the page. The number has been mentioned twice which can seem a bit redundant so the position of the number needs to be tested.

The copy is short and addresses the visitor in a conversational tone. The lead capture form is organized well and has a contrasting CTA button at the end.

There’s a testimonial at the bottom of the page and social media buttons. What needs to be tested is whitespace and better page formatting.

10. Central Valley Med

The headline is structured in a form of a question with the tagline offering the answer to that question. Only one issue, I don’t really know what any of the words in the headline mean, what is ACLS, PALS or BLS? Using abbreviations in your landing page headline is never smart. I get it has something to do with medicine, but it needs to be removed from the headline.

The copy is clear, but, it’s too company centric – too much of “we” and “our” talk is not good. The form is clean with a nice contrasting CTA. There’s social media integration which is a good thing.

In the end I would like to leave you with a smile on your face which is why I’m telling you that we’re going to make this landing page competition a monthly thing – so keep an eye on your news feed people.