10 iPhone App Landing Page Examples to Inspire Your Own Page Design

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The app market is big right now; the Apple iOS app store adds 20,000 apps a month! That’s a big number, a number that’s not just Competition spelled with a capital “C” but all the rest of the letters as well. Getting people to go for your app has of course become much more difficult because there are thousands of other designers waiting in line to do exactly that.

For you to put your app on the map you need to come up with something that your competitors have struggled with. Yes, I’m talking about an amazing iPhone app landing page that gets your app noticed and brings you amazing conversions/downloads.

To help ease your worries, I’ve cherry picked 10 beautifully designed iPhone app landing pages from all over the web so that you can get the right inspiration that you need to build your very own amazingly optimized iPhone app landing page.

STARMATIC app landing page

This is an iPhone app landing page that I can definitely get on board with. The image shows the product being used, there’s a nice big CTA button that’s clear in what you’re expected to get when you click on it.j

The tagline is interesting and catchy and is of course relevant to the Starmatic experience. The copy gives you a little bit of history, plus explains what the app is about.

That’s all you really need for your app to be noticed, de-cluttered, clean and straightforward landing pages.

My only issue with the landing page is the fact that the color of the heading isn’t that good of a choice because one has to strain their eyes to see the last 2 letters. Some A/B testing here would work nicely.

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