10 iPhone App Landing Page Examples to Inspire Your Own Page Design

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The app market is big right now; the Apple iOS app store adds 20,000 apps a month! That’s a big number, a number that’s not just Competition spelled with a capital “C” but all the rest of the letters as well. Getting people to go for your app has of course become much more difficult because there are thousands of other designers waiting in line to do exactly that.

For you to put your app on the map you need to come up with something that your competitors have struggled with. Yes, I’m talking about an amazing iPhone app landing page that gets your app noticed and brings you amazing conversions/downloads.

To help ease your worries, I’ve cherry picked 10 beautifully designed iPhone app landing pages from all over the web so that you can get the right inspiration that you need to build your very own amazingly optimized iPhone app landing page.


This is an iPhone app landing page that I can definitely get on board with. The image shows the product being used, there’s a nice big CTA button that’s clear in what you’re expected to get when you click on it.j

The tagline is interesting and catchy and is of course relevant to the Starmatic experience. The copy gives you a little bit of history, plus explains what the app is about.

That’s all you really need for your app to be noticed, de-cluttered, clean and straightforward landing pages.

My only issue with the landing page is the fact that the color of the heading isn’t that good of a choice because one has to strain their eyes to see the last 2 letters. Some A/B testing here would work nicely.


I am digging the whole vibe of the background, the graphic shows how you would go about playing Jambalaya and the copy tells you everything that you need to know about this app.

The design of the CTA button is in keeping with the overall design scheme of the iPhone app landing page, however, it should be a little bigger. The award certifications in the top right corner ensure the visitors that they won’t be disappointed when they hit the CTA button.

The headline “Jambalaya is a fast paced word game for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch” isn’t really giving me goosebumps; the headline should be more creative.

Letter School

The app name and tagline rhyme, which for me is a great thing because who doesn’t love a good rhyme? The copy is short but gets the job done. There’s a certification on the iPhone app landing page that assures you that you are in good hands.

The image shows the product being used.

The CTA button isn’t really that prominent, brown on brown doesn’t work that well. Plus there are navigation links on the landing page that are just going to dilute the conversion goal.


Here we have an example of nice and clean design, the green logo of Leaflet jumps out at you amidst the black background which I’m sure is what the designer intended. The copy is well thought out and explains everything.

The image shows the app being used which is what the graphic on an iPhone app landing page is supposed to do.

The CTA button is prominent and the fact that the price is mentioned will ensure that there’s less friction in your conversion goal. The asterisk below the CTA button also reduces friction.


The heading is creative, apt, and plus it has been designed playfully – a headline trifecta. The image is relevant; it shows how you’ll be analyzing the weather through the app. The copy is short and descriptive at the same time and the CTA buttons (both of them) are contrasting and clear.

An A+ for Weathertron!

Sound Asleep

The tagline is relevant and so is the image. The background is full of clouds and stars to represent the whole sleepy environment. Although, there is almost no copy on the landing page, but really there’s no need for it because the graphic explains to you how the app is supposed to work.

The CTA button is contrasting and big and there’s social integration on the page which is good for trust and for marketing.


Good tagline and copy. The color scheme of the landing page is also nice and breezy. The image is relevant by showing how the stats will appear on the screen.

There’s a big issue however with the CTA button, where is it?

Oh there it is.

I noticed the button only because I’ve seen hundreds of iPhone app landing pages and know that “available now in the iPhone APP STORE” is CTA button text. But, if I was seeing an app landing page for the first time I would never identify the CTA button.

This is a big problem!

You won’t get any conversions if your visitors don’t know where your CTA button is.

First, the text should be placed inside a button with corner and edges and all and the color should be contrasting.

Dropbox for iPhone

All this iPhone app landing page lacks is a bit of color and creativity otherwise it’s really A-Okay. The CTA button is designed in a contrasting color, the features are written down neatly in points and the graphic is completely relevant to the app.

However, the landing page doesn’t really stand up and say “Look at Me” which is an issue for me.


The headline is apt; the images are good you can see the app being used in an iPAd, iPhone and Mac.

The copy though arranged in points lacks readability maybe that’s because of the two colors or something, A/B testing is required.

The CTA buttons are contrasting so that’s good. There is also social media integration on the page.

There are navigation links which need to go.

The page to me seems too cluttered, a lot is going on. Immediate A/B testing is needed.


Good social media integration. The tagline is clear if not creative. The copy makes the purpose of the app clear and
even then if someone doesn’t get it they can just view the video… so kudos to Static for that.

The CTA button is contrasting and prominent.

Had fun?

Hopefully you now have your very own iPhone app landing page design cooking up in your head. Start creating your dedicated post-click pages by signing up for an Instapage Enterprise demo today.

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