Introducing Pre-Filled Landing Page Forms

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Are you interested in a new way to improve the form filling experience on your Instapage landing page?

We’ve just released a feature that can instantly and automatically help make that process easier and therefore improve the completion rate on your forms.

Capturing Leads is no Easy Feat

We know that getting visitors to fill out your lead capture forms can be a tough task. In fact, forms are one of the leading causes of friction on landing pages. Asking your users to fill out too many form fields on your landing page results in a drastic reduction in your conversion rate.

Our new pre-filled form feature helps make your lead capture process easier by remembering any relevant user information filled out in previous forms.

As long as your field titles are the same, your leads will arrive at your Instapage landing page with the work already done for them. The best part is that this works across all Instapage landing pages including other domains so as our world grows, your pages get easier and easier to fill out.

We’ve seen this small improvement increase conversion rates by as much as 2 times the normal amount.

So, how do you get the feature?

It’s actually already live and working, no change necessary. With this feature by your side, you increase your lead generation without actually doing anything yourself because Instapage handles everything for you.

We believe every promotion needs a page. This is why we make it our business to help you create better landing pages every day, helping you smooth out your lead capture process along the way. Excited about this feature but don’t have an Instapage account? Sign-up here for free.

Let us know what you think about this feature in the comments!

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