Introducing Your New Integrations Dashboard!

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Living in the age of apps is great. You’ve got a tailor-made solution for every part of your business.

The only problem is, that means you’re probably using a ton of different apps. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that since you’re an innovation-driven type, you probably sign up and test every app beta there is, right?

Well, we’ve got good news for you.

With our latest video, we’re announcing the new integrations dashboard. It’s never been easier to manage dozens of marketing integrations from one place. Connect email, CRM, and automation tools to make your landing page the cornerstone of your marketing campaigns.

Making your life as a marketer easier is a major goal of ours at Instapage. That’s why we integrate with the software you already use and love so you can be more effective – and now, all of your integrations are located in one, easy-to-understand spot.

Apps are great, but if they aren’t connected seamlessly, they can end up costing you more time than less. That’s why our integrations have been selectively chosen to help you effectively fill out your marketing funnel, so you can automate and measure as much of it as possible.

It’s time for an app intervention.

Pop quiz! Grab a notebook and pen.

  1. How many apps do you use to create and run your landing pages? List them all.
  2. Do they work together well?
  3. Are you getting the results you want from these apps?

I created a quick list of apps I personally use, and without thinking very hard about it, I came up with 46 that I use at least once a week. That’s an insane number of apps to try and keep track of. But are all of those moving pieces actually serving you?

Have you started using the many Instapage integrations yet? We wanted to showcase three of the top integrations with Instapage and how you can use them to craft a better marketing funnel.

How to be more effective with Instapage integrations

1. ActiveCampaign – For crafting the perfect email marketing funnel

ActiveCampaign is the latest addition to our email marketing software lineup. We are crazy about their software, and we think you will be, too. Besides getting your basic email blast functionality connected, you can also automate your follow-up sequence, create helpful tags for finding what you need later, use site tracking to see where leads are dropping off, and much more.

This is about way more than emailing your list – it’s about discovering how you can serve them better in simple, effective ways. Learn more about ActiveCampaign and how to set up the integration here.

2. GoToWebinar – For getting in front of your leads

Webinars are a phenomenal way to collect emails and convert leads on the spot. Instapage already offers many free webinar landing page templates, and this integration means your leads will flow seamlessly from Instapage to GoToWebinar. Tracking your leads has never been so easy. Learn how to use GoToWebinar with Instapage here.

3. WordPress – For publishing landing pages fast

A/B testing is the key to more conversions. Plain and simple. And to test enough, you have to create more landing pages than you are right now. We’ve made it our job at Instapage to make it easier than ever for you to create more landing pages faster, and since chances are pretty good you use WordPress already, this integration is the fastest way for you get more pages published faster.

The Instapage WordPress plug-in recently got a massive overhaul. Now with a sleeker look, dashboard analytics, and more, you’re set up for success when you combine Instapage and WordPress. Learn how to connect Instapage to WordPress here.

With 23 integrations and counting, Instapage integrations are built with you in mind as we continue to strive towards making it easier and faster to create landing pages.

What’s your favorite integration so far? Let us know in the comments.

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