How Intercom Uses a Post-Click Experience for Branded Paid Search Traffic (Example)

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It’s pretty common for brands to direct prospects to their homepage when people search for their brand name, and not an offer in particular. This could be a reason why 96% of ad clicks don’t convert.

Advertisers like you deserve better than a 4% conversion rate. To do that, it’s best to connect your digital ads to relevant post-click landing pages. Intercom, a customer messaging platform takes their post-click landing pages very seriously. The company not only connects their segmented ads to relevant pages, but they also take prospects to a dedicated page when people search for them by name. (Go here for the Instapage A/B test using a post-click landing page from branded search traffic.)

How Intercom personalizes post-click landing pages

Why do prospects search for brand names? This mostly happens when they’ve heard about the brand and are aware it might help solve whatever pain point they’re facing. However, they don’t have the necessary information they need to make a decision, so they turn to Google.

Branded paid search ad

Intercom uses this opportunity to generate conversions by showing the following ad to prospects who search the company’s name:

The ad promotes Intercom’s free trial offer, which makes perfect sense because the search user was aiming to see how the company works, and what better way to do this than with a free trial. Furthermore, the ad copy lists ways Intercom helps customers accelerate growth and mentions their products, such as website live chat, targeted messaging, and customizable chatbots.

The ad’s headline calls out its official site. So, presumably, search users would land on Intercom’s homepage. Yet when they click, they go to this dedicated page instead:

Clicking the CTA button takes users to the pricing page where they can select the plan that suits their needs:

After the user selects the pricing plan, they see Intercom’s registration page, which consists of three steps. After completing them they can start the free trial:

Intercom takes a prospect who was just browsing for information to a personalized free-trial post-click landing page that is more likely to persuade them to convert immediately, contrary to what their homepage might have done.

The homepage comparison

Here’s what Intercom’s homepage has to offer users:

The homepage is perfect for a browsing experience because it is not focused on a single offer. Rather, it describes everything Intercom specializes in. Meanwhile, the personalized post-click page attracts users looking for information with a free trial. The page showcases everything Intercom offers but its focus remains the free trial highlighted in the ad — likely leading to more conversions.

Don’t miss out on branded search traffic

It’s tempting to connect every ad with your homepage since you already have it up and running, but this approach likely won’t generate conversions.

To ensure your ads convert, connect every ad to a meaningful, personalized experience by creating a dedicated post-click page for every offer instead of using your homepage or product pages as “landing pages.”

When a user lands on your post-click page after clicking an ad, the message should match so user expectations are fulfilled. Find out how to get personalized post-click landing pages right every time by signing up for an Instapage Enterprise demo.

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