Instapage Help Center Expands its Knowledge Base

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2015 has been a banner year for Instapage. We updated our website design, streamlined our app dashboard, rolled out our new pricing structure, added several marketing integrations, and now we’re excited to announce our remodeled help center.

What does the Instapage new help center knowledge base include?

This is what our old help center used to look like:

This is what our new help center looks like:

The new and improved Instapage knowledge base has:

The Instapage success team is one of the best in the digital marketing industry. It’s not me saying that — our users firmly believe this and communicate that to us every single day. We regularly share snippets our customers send us in an internal communication channel appropriately named “#winning.”

Although the Instapage Customer Success team answers about 200 tickets each day, we still want to help you throughout your landing page marketing journey. This is precisely why the new knowledge base articles are more user-friendly than before. Now they include gifs, images, and explainer videos.

Based on user data we have divided the new knowledge base articles into the most searched topic categories.

The article categories include:

Have a question about Instapage or landing pages in general? Our team of expert support staff and our community can answer all your questions. You can submit an email ticket, reach out to us on live chat, or give us a call (depending on which plan you’re on):

Or, just browse through the knowledge base articles at your convenience.

Have you signed up with Instapage yet? New users can sign-up for a free 14-day trial here. Current users that want access to the complete landing page software package with advanced support (Phone, email, chat) can upgrade to Premium here. Either way, the remodeled Instapage help center has something for everyone, and we encourage all users to take advantage of it!

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