Instablocks: A Better Way to Create Landing Pages at Scale

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Instapage created a faster way to create better post-click landing pages.

This is an important upgrade because when you’re spending a lot of money on digital advertising, and knowing that every ad should have a unique post-click landing page, scaling your post-click landing page production becomes overwhelming quickly. You have a goal to create a relevant post-click landing page for every ad while spending less time doing it. The obstacle here is that existing platforms are not equipped to tackle this problem scalably.

Most companies build their post-click landing pages based on the library of page templates they have. However, advertisers and marketers must still duplicate work — recreating identical portions of templates across all similar pages. This is time-consuming and prevents a company or agency from scaling their post-click automation processes.

Starting today, though, building personalized post-click landing pages is quicker than ever before.

Meet Instablocks®

Instapage, the post-click automation platform for digital advertisers, is announcing Instablocks. It’s a brand new way of building post-click landing pages, not offered by any other vendor in the industry. Now, advertisers and marketers can create page blocks that can be used as building blocks to quickly and easily create a high volume of post-click landing pages. This enables advertisers to develop matching post-click landing pages for targeted ads as quickly as they create ads.

With Instablocks, customers can create and save custom blocks to reuse across their post-click landing pages, or leverage out-of-the-box Instablock Templates, like our existing post-click landing page templates. This product update enables customers to quickly scale to hundreds of post-click landing pages by cutting duplication of creative work.

Now, instead of spending time recreating the same content, customers can focus on creating new content. Existing content page blocks like headers, footers, testimonials, etc. that have already been created and designed can now be templatized and reused.

No other platform offers this kind of functionality.

How Instablocks work

The arrival of Instablocks allows customers to create and save custom blocks to reuse across their post-click landing pages, or leverage out-of-the-box Instablock Templates, like existing Instapage post-click landing page templates. Customers can easily insert a blank section or saved section, duplicate, or delete a section as needed.

For customers who want to create post-click landing pages at scale, Instablocks empowers marketers to save and reuse common page blocks like headers, footers, testimonials, and more. With Instablocks, customers can accelerate the creation of advertising and marketing campaigns by quickly scaling the production of post-click landing pages, which will drive more conversions, faster.

Instablocks is available to all customers.

In the toolbar at the top of the builder, click “Instablocks” and you will see a window open similar to this:

The left column contains the folders you set up to categorize each page block. In this example, “Headers,” “Sign Up,” “Pricing,” etc. have already been created. The moment you click into a page block, you will notice the desktop and mobile toggle on the right side. This helps you visualize how the page block appears on each device type:

Once you find the page block you want, click “insert.” You will then choose where to place the section on the page, as indicated by the turquoise box here:

Simply repeat the process for as many blocks as you want and click “Save” in the top-right corner of the builder to save the changes made to the page. For the action version, the gif below demonstrates the following:

  1. Saving the page block to My Blocks
  2. Inserting a saved block from Instablocks to your page

Starting today, customers across all new plans will have access to Instablocks, Block Templates, and My Blocks.

Features and benefits

Feature #1: Custom Blocks
Save blocks you’ve created, like headers, footers, testimonials, and more. Then share your blocks with your team and reuse them across your post-click landing pages. Instablocks makes it easy to create and test on-brand, personalized, and message-matched post-click landing pages at scale.

Feature #2: Block Templates
Leverage out-of-the-box templates to build pages with all kinds of blocks, faster. With Block Templates, easily include header, pricing, testimonial, sign up, features page blocks, and more on all your post-click landing pages.

Feature #3: Instablocks widget
Easily create post-click landing pages with building blocks rather than build whole pages at once. Add, duplicate, save, or delete blocks on your post-click landing pages.

Sign In & Start Using Instablocks

Pain points & how Instablocks solves them

Pain point #1

It takes my team too much time to build a personalized post-click landing page.


Customers can create and save blocks to reuse across their post-click landing pages, or leverage out-of-the-box Instablock Templates. Marketers can now focus on creating new content versus spending time recreating existing content. With Instablocks, quickly scale to hundreds of post-click landing pages by eliminating duplication of creative work.

Pain point #2

We build hundreds of post-click landing pages from a few templates but have to rebuild pages from scratch each time. This is still very time-consuming.


Now, marketers can scale the production of their personalized post-click landing pages faster and more efficiently with Instablocks. Customers can save and reuse common blocks like headers, footers, testimonials, and more across all their post-click landing pages.

Pain point #3

I need templatized post-click landing pages.


Customers can quickly create many blocks to build hundreds of new pages without needing to duplicate existing creative content.

What customers say about Instablocks

Naturally, we’re proud of this new feature, and some of our early adopters see the benefits, too. Like Crunchbase, for example:

Advertising technology has made significant advancements in the last few years. Still, there’s always been the issue of how we can scale the post-click as efficiently and effectively as we scale the ads themselves. Instapage has enabled us to work smarter and build pages faster, which has allowed us to truly maximize our digital advertising.

- Alexandra Mack, Head of Marketing at Crunchbase

Why change, why now?

You can test and optimize your post-click landing pages with just a few clicks. The Instablocks addition is a new way to create those experiences, and no other platform is equipped with similar functionality. What’s even better is that each customer on a new plan has access to Instablocks!

Instapage is the post-click automation platform that allows you to build post-click landing pages at scale quickly. Start living your best life (at least as it pertains to post-click landing page creation) by creating your own Instablocks today. You will be glad you did.

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