Instablocks™: Your Newest & Smartest Way to Create & Scale Landing Pages (Infographic)

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Before builders existed, digital marketers relied on developers to create a post-click landing page. The process was painfully slow, and the thought of A/B testing a page was overwhelming.

Then came post-click landing page builders, which made the process easier with WYSIWYG editors and pre-optimized templates. Custom widgets like video embeds and countdown timers were nice, but creating personalized pages at scale requires something more sophisticated — yet simple — to create them at scale.

Today, the most successful marketers build pages with sections, otherwise known as Instablocks™. Instablocks can be anything: testimonials, form and CTA button, bulleted copy, customer logos and trust signals, etc.

Building pages is only half the battle, though. Updating all of your pages is the other half and doing that page by page is tedious and time-consuming. For that, Global Blocks makes your life easier because you can edit every page with a single click. With 16 use cases for Global Blocks to use as inspiration, there is sure to be some situation applicable to your pages.

The Instablocks™ infographic

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