Say Hello to Automated Image Masking!

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At Instapage we are continually improving conversions and constantly working on features to provide our users with direct and quantifiable ways to positively impact their lead generation. The new image masking feature is a step in that direction.

We pride ourselves on thinking about users’ needs. We know you love our pre-made pre-optimized landing page templates. Therefore, we made our customized templates even more optimized for you.


By allowing you to replace template images with images that are scaled to size, and ready to be published, using our new image masking tool.

Why is the Image Masking Tool Important?

With the help of the image masking tool, not only can you add the images of your choice onto your selected template, but the images are scaled and masked to fit the same proportions of the rest of the template. This new feature makes the landing page creation process even faster with Instapage.

The new image masking tool allows you to:

  1. Edit and replace images easily, saving you precious time
  2. Reposition the image within the boundaries of the existing image box
  3. Quickly add your images to our templates or change the images on A/B variations

How Can You Start Using This Feature?

  1. Log into your Instapage account
  2. Select the template of your choice
  3. Select the image you want to replace and click edit

Add the new image:

After the new image is selected, click “edit” and then “reposition”:

This option allows you to resize, mask or reposition the image to your liking:

That’s it, you’re done!

You now have all the tools you need to make beautiful, modern – and most importantly – effective landing pages very quickly.

Excited about this feature but don’t have an Instapage account? Build your first page for free here!

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