We Partnered with HubSpot: Why Agencies Must Offer Post-Click Automation Services (Ebook)

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Agencies are not retained for the services they provide, but the services they provide well. And unfortunately, while winning business is continually a priority for marketing agencies, keeping that business rarely is.

It might sound like good news: A job poorly done by someone else means more potential work for you. But the truth is agencies who fail their clients ruin things for you as well.

These clients are much harder to please. They’re suspicious of agencies, and they’ll be peeking over your shoulder throughout the relationship.

If you’re thinking “well, I’ll just avoid those guys,” think again. They’re everywhere. So, how do you make sure you don’t end up like the last agency? With a better way to win business and a better way to keep it.

What is Post-Click Automation™ (PCA)?

Post-Click Automation (PCA) is a class of software that enables users to create the most relevant ad campaigns possible. It’s built on the idea that every segment requires not only a targeted ad but a personalized post-click experience to generate conversions.

Before PCA, this approach was hardly possible for the majority of agencies. It necessitated far too much of their time and budget. Now, with features that enable four essential processes — ad mapping, scalable creation, personalization, and optimization — PCA empowers every advertising and marketing agency to create the highest level of personalization, from the first impression to the last click.

Agencies: Learn everything about PCA in this ebook

Since the beginning of digital marketing, the number of services offered by agencies has grown significantly. While PPC and SEO have been around a long time, others, like AI or AMP development, are relatively brand new. The same is true of post-click automation (click ebook to get access):

In fact, PCA is among the newest marketing technologies in the ever-expanding martech landscape. At the same time, it’s the onlyone to address the most glaring problem with the modern ad campaign: Personalization does not span from the ad to the post-click experience and beyond:

Despite all the tools available, marketers continue to fail at basic personalization. And users are voicing their frustration.

Perhaps the worst offenders are those who fine-tune their ad targeting as narrowly as possible, then send their segment to a generic post-click landing page. Not only are they mishandling traffic by failing to fulfill the promise of the ad, but they’re wasting their clients’ budget, and likely straining the relationship, too.

In the post-click stage of the ad campaign, PCA allows its users the same power that so many ad technologies have in the pre-click stage: you can create, customize, test, scale, and improve.

For agencies, the possibilities extend even further: Not only can they win business for themselves, but produce results for their clients, too — and not just clicks, but key drivers of growth like leads and sales. Like SEO or PPC, automating the post-click experience is yet another service agencies can offer to new clients, or even upsell to existing ones.

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Want to learn more about post-click automation, and how to use it to maximize conversions for you and your clients? Together with HubSpot, we produced an ebook that contains everything you need to know about getting started. Click the iPad image above or download it here.

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