How to Write Incredible Landing Page Copy

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Persuasion is an art. To some, this art comes naturally while others have to work at it or to put it another way some of us are natural salesmen while others need to go through the sales manual to get things going.

This post is dedicated to all of those people who work hard at persuading their clients, they to me are the unsung heroes. These are the people who work relentlessly towards a goal and do not rest until they achieve it.

Your landing page copy is a big part of your landing page campaign – it’s the thing that separates an awesome landing page from an average one. So, it goes without saying that you need to put in a lot of thought when you sit down to write your landing page copy. The copy that you want to write is one that can guide your visitors’ hands towards your CTA button.

Likable copy is the one that your visitors go for, and here’s how you can insert the like factor into your landing page copy.

Bond with Your Visitors through Your Landing Page Copy

The first thing you need to do is establish a good rapport with your clients, and you can do this by writing like you talk. We have past the age of Jane Austen novels, no formalities, and flowery language please- be natural to connect with your visitors.

When you’re writing your landing page copy, try pretending that your visitor is standing in front of you and then just talk to him while you type away at your keyboard.

Use pronouns such as “you” or “we” avoid the “I” word and you’ll do great.

Assure Visitors You Understand Where They’re Coming From

Talking to your best friend calms you down doesn’t it? It doesn’t matter what type of a situation you’re in. This is because deep down you know that your friend gets you, understands what you want and why you’re upset.

This is what your landing page copy needs to do; it needs to establish trust with your visitors by talking to them like you know them. Of course, this can only be done if you actually do know who your visitors are.

You must have identified your target audience before you set about on your landing page campaign, use that information to write the best personable landing page copy that you can.

Don’t Be a Salesman With Your Landing Page Copy

Want to know the big secret to selling? Act like you’re not selling! Be subtle and classy in your landing page copy. Don’t shout buy this and buy that, instead convince your visitors that clicking the call-to-action button is the best thing that they can do for themselves.

Make them think it’s their idea and not yours.

Reduce the fluff and the hype and trust me you’ll do great!

Writing landing page copy can be intimidating but if you keep things simple and follow the three steps mentioned above you’ll connect with your visitors in no time. Remember, though, persuasive landing pages are not just about copy. There’s more that goes into it, and we cover that here in this new guide:

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