How to Use Videos to Increase Landing Page Conversions

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Landing pages are created to woo potential customers, tell them why you have the edge over all the other products in your niche. Sure, you can prove to your customers why you’re better by coming up with a landing page longer than the Gone with the Wind movie, or you could relay everything to them through a short but great video.

Put yourselves in your visitors’ shoes, would you rather go through a looong landing page or watch a landing page video that tells you exactly what you need to know?

I am by no means suggesting that landing page copy isn’t important, what I am saying is that landing page videos have been proven to double landing page conversion rates.

This is the precise reason why top websites such as Crazy Egg and Hubspot along with numerous other websites have videos on their websites and landing pages.

So, what’s stopping you and all the other marketers from putting up videos on your landing pages?

The Obstacle

Time and Money; yup these two culprits stop you from putting up videos on your landing page.

You might be of the opinion that making a good landing page video is expensive and time consuming but it doesn’t really have to be. Available online are some savvy video software websites that help you create landing page videos in no time with a small budget whether you want to go with a screencast or even a live action video.

To make amazing landing page videos you can use the services of Demo Duck or Screen Flow depending on the type of video you’re going for and your budget.

What makes up an amazing landing page video?

Now that we’ve swiftly jumped over the obstacles it’s time to observe what is it that goes into making an amazing landing page video.

1. A Bang-on Script

Your video script needs to be excellent if you want more conversions, because without a good script it really wouldn’t matter how high your video quality is because nobody is going to watch a video that’s not providing them with any productive information.

As a rule make sure your video script includes an introduction of your company, shows off your product or service’s features and why it’s the answer to all of the problems that you visitors are currently facing.

2. A Clear Call-to-Action Button

To get better conversions it’s important that you include a clear call-to-action button at the end of your landing page video.

Why? Because hopefully by the end of the video they’ll be all pumped up to get in on the amazing deal that you’re offering them and they wouldn’t have to drag their mouse anywhere else because the CTA button will be staring right at them.

3. Testing For Perfection

It’s not that any video you create will help you rake in conversions, which is why it’s prudent to test your landing page videos to see which one is getting you more conversions.

Your landing page video is a landing page element and so it should be treated like one and needs to be tested thoroughly. Perform A/B tests on your landing page video to see which one brings more conversions your way.

A landing page video helps you achieve your conversion goals, so take advantage of this ingenious landing page element and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

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