How to Use Instant Satisfaction to Improve Landing Page Conversions

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Let’s play a little round of “would you rather.”

Would you rather go out to dinner after working 9 straight hours or get food delivered?

Would you rather go rummaging for the flyer from your favorite Chinese restaurant or look up the number online?

Would you rather spend time waiting for someone to answer the phone so that you can describe what you want to eat or use your online food delivery app?

How many of you went for the latter option each time?

Unless you’re really craving some human contact I’m sure the second option was the right one for you.

Why do you think that is?

The answer is simple – we live in a world of instant gratification. We want things, lots of things and we want them to get to us like yesterday. It is because of the craving for instant satisfaction or gratification that we have an app for everything. Even hailing a cab seems like too much work to do now – this is why companies like Uber are making so much money so fast – because they offer their users transport without them having to go out into the street and wait for one to come to them – Uber removes the uncertainty from their users’ lives and gives them instant satisfaction which is why they are growing like crazy.

And it’s not just Uber that’s in on this secret – every successful company out there knows this. Just look at Eat24 for instance – no more take away, no more phone deliveries – just 1, 2, 3 and you have food in your belly.

Eat24’s mantra: “Don’t be on hold, be online.” They offer their users instant food service and their users latch on because who doesn’t love instant!

E-commerce websites compete ferociously on the same day delivery option because a survey reveals that a huge percentage of online shoppers consider abandoning their order just because same day delivery wasn’t an option.

It’s obvious – when you offer your users instant satisfaction they catch onto whatever you are selling and grab on real tight. The big question then is, why doesn’t everyone use this apparently obvious technique to get more conversions?

Simple – they don’t know how – at least they didn’t, up until now.

If increased conversions are what you want – then you need to know how to appeal to your users’ need for getting quick results even if they sometimes have to pay extra. Learn how to use their psychological desire for immediate results by doing the following on your landing pages.

Use instant satisfaction in your value proposition

From the very second that users come to your landing page, alert them to the fact that with you they’re sure to get results faster than your competition. Let’s face it, it’s highly unlikely that you have a product or service that’s completely one of a kind in its niche – you and your competition might both be offering X but if you promise to get X for your customers faster than your competition than you have a chance to dominate your niche.

Smiley Cookie offers their users the service of ordering custom cookies online, when they performed A/B tests on multiple value propositions for their page, this is what they discovered.

There were a total of 5 banners:

  1. Order Today —> Ships Next Business Day
  2. Want to save $5 OFF your next purchase? SIGN UP NOW
  3. $6.99 Ground Shipping For Your Entire Order
  4. FREE SHIPPING on any order over $40
  5. Cookies Made Fresh & Hand Iced For You!

The winning banner text was not “Cookies Made Fresh & Hand Iced For You!” even though freshness is a word one looks for when ordering food online. Neither were the visitors more interested in getting free shipping or getting $5 off on their next purchase. No sir, what got the most conversions was variant #1 the text that offered visitors delivery the very next day.

The variant “Order Today —> Ships Next Business Day” had a 12.61% conversion rate and a $29.95 average order value resulting in a $3.78/per visit value.

This just proves, your visitors don’t really mind paying if you promise to give them what they want the very next day aka faster than the other options.

Show your visitors a number value for results

This technique is readily used in the fitness and beauty niche – you often come across landing pages that claim a skincare product that can give you smoother skin overnight or a diet pill that can reduce you to a size zero in a week without any exercise. Yes, you might not trust these offers but that’s the company’s fault and not the technique that’s wrong.

The efficacy of beauty and fitness products can vary from person to person which is why companies should keep their numbers realistic. Don’t offer something you just can’t deliver – be real with your numbers and your conversion rate is sure to increase. The technique is especially useful for SAAS companies – tell your visitors that they’ll be able to master your product and get results in X days and you’ll be drowning in conversions.

See how Crazy Egg uses this technique in the following way on their site – they promise that their visitors can start within 60 seconds:

We do this on our website too, first by telling visitors that they can “Build and A/B test landing pages in minutes with Instapage” and then with the word “Now” in the CTA button:

Offer visitors a free trial with instant results

Fact: Free trials attract visitors.

Getting something for free is always good, however, even with a free trail where your visitors aren’t losing money what they are losing is time – time that they are spending getting results with your free trial.

Don’t just save your visitors’ money, but also help them save up on time because time is money, right? Quick Sprout lets their visitors compare their website with three of their competitors instantly and free of cost:

Optimizely also does this on their page – just type in your website url and test the service out – no time or financial commitment unless you like what you see:

Want to be satisfied with your conversions? Go satisfy your customers.