How to Use Images on Landing Pages to Boost Conversion Rates

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We all know that images are a powerful medium of expression, after all they’re worth a thousand words!

And so it’s only natural to think that the images will have an effect on the conversion rate of your landing pages. This is the primary reason why a graphic is one of the five essential components of your landing page designs.

Maybe you’re thinking now, that’s not news for me I already knew that landing page images were important for my CTR (click-through rate).

Sure, you might have known that but I’m positive most of you didn’t know that a certain type of images add more gusto to your conversion rates than others.

You didn’t know this huh?

Well, let’s change that.

Just a small note before we begin though, stealing stock photos is never cool! It doesn’t matter how relevant a stock image is for your landing page, please don’t embarrass yourself in front of your potential clients by stealing it.

All Images are Different & Thus Shall be Treated So

The above statement may come off as me being image prejudice, but the fact of the matter is that when it comes to your landing page designs, you really need to be brutal enough to cut the dead weight off. There are some images that just don’t perform the same way that other images do.

Images of People Have a Big Impact on Visitors

Having photos of people on your landing page help you out in your conversions as opposed to images of other dormant objects. In fact a research showed that including a patient photo with their imaging exam enabled doctors to perform more meticulous readings as they felt empathetic towards the patients.

Want your visitors to connect with you and turn into customers? Then include some photos of real people. If you’re a small business trying to make it big, try adding your own photos on your landing page.

Wistia does this in the most cool and interactive way.

Babies, Ladies & Attractiveness Make Visitors Pay Attention

The headline above is not only true for landing pages, but is true for normal day to day life as well. If you see a cute baby on the street, don’t you stop and take notice, maybe even make a funny face at him to make him smile.

Likewise if you see an attractive person on the street you’re likely to take notice. It’s basic psychology!

Images of babies are the most universal. This is because no matter where you’re from, babies still look cute to nearly everyone and thus invoke a natural emotional response in us.

Pictures of women and attractive people are next up on the list of evoking an emotional response. Including an image of an attractive woman on your Landing Page makes your conversion rate soar because people find it easier to relate to images of women and attractive people.

However, refrain from using cheesy photos because they don’t sit well with anyone. For a little elaboration go through this vibrant presentation on Common Design Mistakes.

Always be creative and relevant. Images are an important component of your landing page; give them the attention they deserve.

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