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Understanding Acquisio’s capabilities and who uses it can help digital agencies and in-house marketers decide if the platform is right for them. There are lots of tools available to manage and report on digital marketing campaigns. Each one has strengths and weaknesses, so it’s up to each organization to determine which is most appropriate for them based on their business needs and budget.

Acquisio is PPC advertising

Acquisio originally started off as an agency, but then Founders Marc Poirier and Richard Couture identified a gap in software available to marketers to help them in the growing PPC industry. They decided to sell the agency business and develop a proprietary suite of tools to help campaign managers deliver high-quality reports with minimal effort.

For the past 12 years, Acquisio has focused its effort on adding value to the PPC industry, with workflow automation tools, data connectors, and omni-channel reporting capabilities as well as machine learning based bid and budget management. The software has also been recognized among their competitors for their commitment to customer success and technical support.

By using Acquisio’s advanced machine learning technology and workflow automation tools, organizations can scale their PPC operations and manage more client accounts without having to hire additional staff. More than just a PPC platform, Acquisio is leading the ad tech industry into the future with cutting-edge technology.

More than just a PPC platform

Today Acquisio sits at the intersection of digital advertising, data science, and automation.
The platform offers a complete suite of services including:

Let’s detail what these features look like inside.

1. Workflow automation

Examples of workflow automation include a custom dashboard KPI for better analysis and reporting, campaign cloning, and omni-channel custom reporting. To have the best experience and realize its full potential, take the time to explore Acquisio’s workflow automation capabilities. Here are a few highlights to get you started:

Custom dashboard setup for analysis and insights

Setup custom KPIs and review a cross-account snapshot of your accounts to identify the ones that require attention:

2. Campaign cloning

Mirror campaigns from Google and Bing ads to keep them in sync and take advantage of the opportunity across ad platforms with minimal additional effort:

3. Omni-channel reporting

The first version of the Acquisio platform was focused on reporting, and it’s been enhancing this module ever since. Acquisio reporting capabilities are well-liked by its customers as identified in this year’s ClickZ Buyers Guide:

Acquisio customers gave positive feedback on the technology’s reporting dashboards and the support clients are offered... Bid management, strategic insight, reporting, and user experience all resulted in high performance for Acquisio. Acquisio’s reporting dashboard received particular praise for its intuitive and informative nature, showing performance data from search engines alongside Facebook and Instagram.

The reporting center allows marketers to:

4. Machine learning

Without a doubt, machine learning is where Acquisio delivers the most unique value. Located in Montreal Canada, one of the world’s largest AI development hubs, the company is leading the pack in applying advanced machine learning technology to PPC advertising. The company is committed to continuing to invest heavily in its AI capabilities that are transforming digital advertising.

Acquisio Turing™ is a groundbreaking machine learning technology comprised of 30+ intelligent algorithms working together to ingest campaign data throughout the day. It is included with all packages empowering campaign managers to focus on creative tasks that move the needle. This technology can be used to:

Acquisio Turing considers seasonality, time of day, day of the week, location, and advertising platform when making decisions. The technology stands out from other bid and budget management solutions with a proven track record in:

This proprietary technology is constantly learning about new situations and getting smarter every day. You can guide the algorithms to achieve your campaign objectives using a simple user interface. Their team of experts can help you learn how to get the most out of Acquisio Turing so that you can effectively:

5. Acquisio Social

With Acquisio Social, Facebook and Instagram campaign management is much faster and easier compared to Facebook Ads Manager. Specifically, campaigns managers can:

These capabilities make it easy for beginners to generate high-performing campaigns and seasoned campaign managers can thrive by combining the efficiency of this tool with their knowledge of optimal CTAs, images, and copy.

6. Integrations

Acquisio’s open architecture has led to the development of many valuable data connectors. The Marketplace includes an impressive array of partner integrations, and solutions to choose from. Marketers can aggregate data from just about any data source to provide high definition omni-channel reports to their clients:

7. API

The built-in API enables partners to tightly integrate their digital products into their existing business processes, by teaching their internal business system or CRM to send requests to this API. Request sent to the API can be things like:

8. Managed services (RTB display)

Acquisio Trading Desk (ATD) is an accomplished team of RTB gurus that deliver high-performing display campaigns for advertisers and brand marketers looking to outsource fulfillment of their display media buys. Tara Hunt, the President of Truly Social, said:

The Acquisio Trading Desk (ATD) is the perfect paid compliment to a good content strategy. Working with the team has been a dream - their product allows me to get great, hyper-targeted coverage with ads, and I don't have to know paid optimization strategy. ATD acts as a true strategic partner for us. I don't know what I'd do without them!

The team’s extensive industry knowledge is expressed through their ongoing effort to fight click fraud and tailor campaigns to achieve advertiser’s campaign objectives. They do this by providing multi-channel campaign strategies including RTB Display, LinkedIn advertising, video advertising, and by exploiting emerging platforms like Spotify ads.

How agencies use Acquisio today

Today Acquisio is used extensively by digital agencies, brand marketers, and local SMB resellers delivering impactful results in search, social, and display advertising. More than 400 marketing agencies use Acquisio and it has become an essential component of many marketing tech stacks. Specifically, as a central location for campaign management, cross-channel optimization and client reporting.

Acquisio provides an impressive product offering especially for automotive agencies by combining machine learning bid and budget management with inventory-driven dynamic campaigns. Combined with a strong list of call tracking partner integrations, this technology solution delivers convincing results in this competitive space.

How to get started with Acquisio

New users can get started by requesting a free demo where you can learn about the Acquisio platfrom from one of their experts. For additional information about package options, you can also go here for pricing.

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