How to Turn Your Thank You Page Into a Conversion Machine

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You’re a conversion-hungry marketer – so you’re always thinking about the sale.

Whatever you do, you do to gain conversions. From writing stellar headlines to coming up with variations for landing page elements, it’s all about getting the visitor to click that call to action button.

And once you’ve achieved this milestone with the click, the sale, or the download, what do you do?

If you’re like most marketers, you thank your customers… with a sad, little, almost-empty page and go off on your merry way.

Huge mistake.

I spent the whole of last week subscribing to blogs, signing up for free trials, and downloading ebooks all in the hope of finding a Thank You page that actually does something for conversions.

And after a week, I have come to the conclusion that most marketers don’t really consider their Thank You pages to be conversion opportunities.

Because most of them create Thank You pages like this one.

The page does nothing. It just says thanks and then relationship over.

With a Thank You page like this, you’re sending a message to your customers that there isn’t anything else that you can do for them. Of course, that is not true – and not good for your business.

Thank You pages are much more than pages that you say thank you on. They are an integral part of your optimization machinery.

Your conversion doesn’t stop with a click on your call to action button. That’s just the beginning of your relationship with that particular customer.

Your customer acquisition techniques got you that click on the button, but it’s your customer retention techniques that grow your business and make you a marketing boss.

The Thank You page is where your customer retention marketing begins. It’s where you start your post-purchase conversation. Just as you strive to make a good impression on your prospects pre-purchase, you need to be focusing on getting things right post-purchase, too. And the best way to do that is with an effective Thank You page.

What’s in an effective Thank You page?

A typical Thank You page consists of you saying thank you to your new customer for subscribing to your service or buying your software or whatever your landing page was about.

Other than the obvious message, an effective Thank You page also tells your customers what they should expect from you next. The page should reinforce your brand tone, give your contact information, and assure them that if they have any queries or problems, you’ll be right there to hold their hand.

The Thank You page should also present them with another action they can take that can add value to something they already have. This is where your post-purchase marketing becomes your pre-purchase marketing again.

This is where you take your Thank You page and turn it into a conversion machine.

It’s where you start the conversion cycle again.

As a marketer you should always be selling.

Just because your visitor has clicked one CTA button doesn’t mean that your conversion opportunity is over. You need to enlighten them about something else that can add value to their experience with you, something else they might need to make an impact – and this is exactly what your Thank You page does.

It explicitly says thank you with undertones of, “This is something else that we can help you with” or “Here’s how you can get this, if you help us do that.” The page can be used to expand your customer base, to get more subscribers for your blog, to introduce your other offers, and even to humanize your brand.

Examples of Thank You pages that work


Roboform doesn’t plainly say thank you. It gives its customers an incentive to help expand their customer base. They’ve embedded social media widgets on the page so that it’s easier for customers to share what RoboForm is with their contacts directly from the page.

Duct Tape Marketing

The page is simple. I don’t really love the headline “Thank You! Building Business Brands.” This could be replaced with something more original. The highlighted part is what you need to focus on, though. Through the Thank You page of their free ebook, they are marketing their main Duct Tape Marketing System.

You liked the ebook? Then you can sign up for the service. The page makes it clear.

Kristi Hines

This is the page that you land on when you subscribe to the blog. The page is humanized and has brand messaging on it. It urges the subscribers to follow Kristi Hines on social media and also explains to them, with the help of screenshots, how to get emails in the primary tab so that they aren’t overlooked.

Enchanting Marketing

This Thank You page is made up of all the right ingredients. It has a thank you note, urges the subscriber to download other ebooks by the author, and tells them to follow Henneke on Twitter and Google Plus (which I did). It’s safe to say this page works.

Don’t turn your Thank You page into a missed opportunity. Invite your blog subscribers to watch your webinar, offer something more to your free trial users, collect information that you want from them through a survey, or even just say thank you with your branding voice and a big smile.

If you’re still having trouble designing the perfect Thank You page, we have seven free Thank You page templates for you that you can customize to suit your needs.

Still have questions? Let us in the comments.

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