How to Supercharge Your Landing Pages With Social Proof

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Power is a tricky concept. When you have it you’re on top of the world and when you’re without it you’re nothing but a menial cog in someone else’s machine. And because I can’t really stand you being a lowly and tedious cog, I’m dedicating this post to a concept of power that’s veryevant in a marketer’s life- the power of social proof.

Social proof is essentially a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others as a way of reflecting correct behavior in a particular situation. In other words social proof is the spoonful of sugar that makes the medicine go down- it helps increase your visitors’ trust in your service and guides their way to the lead capture form, helps them fill out their information and *click* goes the CTA button.

But I’m sure you already know that.

Which is why, you’ve included social media integration on your marketing campaigns, especially on your landing pages. The cozy little blue, red and aqua buttons are what help you sleep better at night. And why wouldn’t they with stats like these:

There’s more where these came, but let’s leave some for later.

Social Proof is the Stuff Marketers’ Dreams are Made of

We started from the premise that social proof is vital for marketers and what we’ve done up till now is back this idea with proof. However, I already knew that you know this- then what exactly is the point of this post.

Well, while you did know that having social media integration is beneficial, did you know that it can also hurt your marketing campaigns and by extension your landing pages. You didn’t right?

What I want to deliver today is information about social proof that matters for your landing pages- everything that’s going to help you increase landing page conversions through social media- because that’s one of the major ways to harness all the fantastical power of social proof.

Spreading yourself thin on all the Social Networking Sites doesn’t really help

Too many crackers and too little cheese don’t leave you feeling full right? Well, in quite the same way just making profiles and adding all the social media buttons on your landing page doesn’t really do you any good, if the people you’re trying to reach through social media aren’t there to listen to your message.

A social network is only as strong as the amount of your visitors that are on it. Which is why you need to do proper research before you decide to add social media buttons to your landing pages, think how many you want and where you want them- don’t go on just adding them randomly.

According to a Quick Sprout study, it was found that it didn’t matter how many social media buttons were added, fewer than 9% of people clicked more than once on more than one button.

A huge difference was found between how many people clicked on the social media buttons when there were 3 as opposed to 5 buttons present. Though visitors got more choice with 5 buttons, it was the version with 3 buttons that saw an 11% increase in click through rates.

Just because close to 200 million people have decided to join MySpace doesn’t mean that your visitors have too- don’t assume where your visitors are- research and find out.

People generally hang out on a few prominent social media websites, find out where your visitors hang and then put those social media buttons on your optimized landing pages and see the magic happen.

If your Social Media Shares Aren’t Going up, it’s Better to Delete Them

Say what? Yes. Anne Stahl of Visual Website Optimizer said it, and I undoubtedly agree with her. According to Stahl certain forms of social proof especially the social media share buttons can damper your page (landing page or your website) and make it seem unpopular and thus turn your visitors off from clicking on your CTA.

So, if you’re not getting any social media love on your landing pages, just remove the buttons people. No social media is better than low social media.

Why? Because low social media makes your customers think that you and of course your product are not trust worthy, that you’ve actually just started your campaign that’s the only reason why anyone could only have 2 Facebook likes, I mean their potbellied shirtless pictures have 15 of them! And the most damaging reason of all, your product sucks that’s why nobody is ready to back it up.

Don’t believe me?

Check out this Visual Website Optimizer case study.

See what I mean now? Just by removing the social media share buttons from the page helped them increase their sales by 11.9 percent!

The Promised Stats

And now to end this slightly bigger nugget of social media advice some juicy statsated to social media and why you should have social media integration on your landing pages and in your marketing campaigns in general.

Social Media Examiner has some interesting ones.

50% of marketers reported gaining new customers through social media, mostly through Facebook and LinkedIn.

51% of Facebook users and 64% of Twitter users are more likely to buy products and subscribe to services from the brands they follow. Digital Buzz Blog has a nice infographic on social media statistics too.

So, what’s your takeaway today? Social media integration is no doubt important andatively simple to achieve, however, there are some rules to this social proof gain.

You can’t just wing it – do your research, because your customers sure do!