How to Optimize Your Landing Page Testimonials

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Whenever we talk about landing pages, we talk about optimization. It’s like a song on repeat; optimize your images, optimize your copy, optimize your form and it goes on and on.

Optimization is so important for landing pages because without landing page optimization you really can’t hope to achieve anything with your landing pages. Which is why all marketers eat, drink and breathe LPO (landing page optimization).

Because everything on your landing page gets optimized, your landing page testimonials need to be treated the same way.

Landing page testimonial optimization like other LPO techniques isn’t hard to get right. All you need to do is the following.

1. Put Your Landing Page Testimonials in the Right Location

Deciding where your landing page testimonials go on your landing page is just as important as the whole above or below the fold CTA button debate. Position is key on your landing page and that goes for all your landing page elements.

The best way to decide the optimum position for your landing page testimonials is to test where they initiate the most CTA button clicks. Generally speaking, testimonials perform better when they are put in close proximity with your CTA button.

However, every landing page is different which is why you need to do some testing.

2. Your Landing Page Testimonials Need to be Descriptive

For some marketers brevity is the key to a successful landing page, however, this is not always the case, it doesn’t apply to your landing page testimonials.

Very short landing page testimonials don’t do that good a job of persuading your potential customers, you need to empower your testimonials i.e. you need to make them have an impact on your visitors and this can only be done if they say more than “nice product” or “cool service!”

3. Source Your Landing Page Testimonials

If you have used a third party review site to gather your landing page testimonials you need to source your testimonials because these sites carry a lot more credibility than you.

For example if you own a traveling service and have used TripAdvisor or Travelocity to get your testimonials, you need to state your testimonials’ sources.

With these optimization tips we can now conclude that Instapage’s landing page testimonial week has officially drawn to a close.

4. Add Images with your Landing Page Testimonials

Landing page testimonials with images of your customers next to them have a more positive impact than just lines of anonymous content.

Testimonials with images are more effective because your potential customers identify with them more, they would rather read and believe a testimonial by a “real” person than they would by XYZ.

Hopefully you now know everything there is to know about landing page testimonials, and if there’s something you wish to find out all you need to do is ask.

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