How To Get More Webinar Signups

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Webinars are an effective way to fill your funnel with highly qualified leads. Whether you’re giving away tons of value while educating them on a topic or you’re walking them though a product demo, the benefits of running webinars are clear. Potential customers love to interact with you and your brand in a more personal way that also serves them while they hear your pitch.

The problem is, you have to get them to show up before that can happen.

So how do you do that? How can you lead a prospect to the conclusion that they need to spend an hour of their busy day with you?

Obviously, a dedicated, optimized landing page with a short signup form is a no brainer – and at Instapage we’ve got templates designed to help you do exactly that. But let’s go deeper than that. How can you maximize your webinar signup conversions?

Here are some of our top ways to get more leads for your webinar faster. (Spoiler: read it to the end. We made you something).

Set a signup goal

This should go without saying, but unfortunately, most marketers employ a spray and pray technique when it comes to get more webinar signups. Adobe Connect reports that the average conversion rate for a landing page to webinar signup conversion is 51%. Knowing that, you can set a goal that makes sense for your brand’s reach. Additionally, it will give you great insight on how well your offer is performing overall.

Try being trendy

How can being trendy get you more signups? Because it makes you appear like you’re on the cutting edge. Webinar pages already have a bad habit of looking dated, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can do better than looking like you’re hawking last year’s lame internet marketing infoproduct. Check out our top landing page trends here, and give one of them a shot to help fill your webinar.

Use your customer’s language

User-generated content is all the rage right now for a reason. You can take the words right out of your customer’s mouth – and that opens the gates for other people to see their problem or struggle reflected in someone like them.

Vary when you offer webinar signups

According to a study from On24, 58% of signups occur 1-7 days before your webinar. However, that means a full 42% could happen before then. Try testing out different lengths of time to get your users on your webinar and see how it effects conversion rates both for webinar signups and for sales afterwards.

Make it easier to signup

If one of your top uses for landing pages is getting signups for your webinar, you’re going to love this. Instapage has made it easier than ever for you streamline your webinar signup process with our GoToWebinar integration.

In case you’re not using it already, GoToWebinar is the easiest-to-use webinar software on the market. It makes it easy and fast to get your audience signed up, on the call, and for you to follow up with them afterwards. That dedication to simplicity and user experience speaks to us here at Instapage, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer this integration to you.

What tactics do you use to get more webinar signups? Leave us your top tips in the comments.

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