How to Gain More Customer Testimonials

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If you’ve been following our last few posts, we’ve discussed two new things; customer testimonials are powerful & testimonials need to be effective to actually work.

While this is all informative you’re probably still thinking, “where am I supposed to get these effective customer testimonials from?” Will they drop from the sky or come to me in a dream? Do I have to purchase them online or do I need to beg my friends to write one for me?

Well the correct answer to your question is “D,” none of the above.

Don’t go on worrying though, I’ll give you the cheat sheet on where to get customer testimonials.

A. Get Customer Testimonials from Facebook Reviews

Your company has a Facebook page right? Sure it does! Then you have a whole community of fans ready to review. Look into any good reviews that your wonderful customers have already given you and add those to your landing pages. If you can’t find one, simply ask!

Just be sure to design the testimonial appropriately. (We’ll hit on optimization tips later).

B. Provide Incentives to Write Testimonials

If your product is great, your customers will have no problem writing a testimonial to vouch for you.

However, very few customers decide to write a testimonial themselves, you sometimes need to give them a little nudge. Possibly offer them a discount or a voucher.

C. Set up an Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing campaigns come in handy in a lot of situations, they help you promote new offers or maybe an ebook that you wrote. Why not set one up to gather customer testimonials?

A creative way to do so is by creating a survey to do the job for you. And you can easily create an online survey by using Survey Monkey.

D. Create a Review Space on Your Website

If you provide your customers with a proper platform to write a testimonial or review about your product or service, chances are they’ll do so.

Dedicate a space on your website or blog where customers can write glowing customer testimonials for your product and then simply put them on your landing page to achieve the right effect.

Other platforms to gather customer testimonials are via LinkedIn recommendations, local search directories and even through YouTube video reviews.

When you’ve gotten a fair amount of customer testimonials you need to sift through them and find the most effective ones to put on your landing pages. If there are a few negative testimonials in the pile don’t fret it, take them in a stride and improve your product accordingly.

Just remember, no matter where you get your customer testimonials from and whether they’re positive or negative, always thank your customers for them. They did a nice thing for you, you should do the same!

If you’re still looking for more ideas on how to get customer testimonials, we suggest: Seven Ways to Get Great Customer Testimonials.

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