How to Create a Facebook Landing Page That Generates Maximum Leads

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If you’re not watching TV or a movie, odds are you’re on Facebook.

The social network now claims nearly one hour per day of its record 1.65 billion monthly active users use its app, Instagram, and messenger platforms. That’s more time than almost every other leisure activity.

Combined with new, more interactive advertising tech like Canvas and mobile lead ads, that fact makes Facebook a must-use for businesses of all sizes.

However, the introduction of all these flashy new tools is no reason to ignore older, proven ways of engaging audiences.

One of those ways, Facebook landing pages, are still effective today, and widely used by many of the world’s biggest brands.

What is a Facebook landing page?

A Facebook landing page performs the same function as every other landing page: it drives visitor action. It compels fans to donate, or buy, or sign up for a newsletter, with one major difference. A Facebook landing page is published to a custom tab within your Facebook page, not as a standalone web property.

Here’s an example from Moz:

Why you’d want to use a Facebook landing page

Driving traffic to your Facebook page is like driving traffic to your homepage: it’s just a bad idea and here’s why…

When users reach your main Facebook page, they’re met with all these buttons and posts and reviews. It’s overwhelming. Your main Facebook page serves as a great jumping-off point to other parts of your page, but when it comes to getting fans to convert, there are far too many distractions on it.

On a Facebook landing page, however, there are far fewer distractions. There are still some unavoidable ones, like chat on the right sidebar and navigation tabs above, but far fewer nonetheless. That means a higher chance to drive conversions.

Facebook landing page examples

Let’s quickly go through some good, and less-than-great examples of Facebook landing pages to help you figure out how to create yours.


What they did well:

What could be improved:


What they did well:

What could be improved:

Do you think they’re more concerned with giving a good gift, or how easy it will be to give it?

Probably the first.

If that’s the case, the headline should read something more like “Give The Gift You Can’t Go Wrong With,” or “We’ve Got Something For Everyone.”

PR Daily

What they did well:

What could be improved:

NBC Olympics

What they did well:

What could be improved:


What they did right:

What could be improved:

Now that we’ve seen some examples, how can you make your own page and publish it to Facebook?

How to create a Facebook landing page

Step 1: Choose the kind of landing page you want to create

Do you want to start completely fresh with one of our templates, upload an already created Instapage file, or scan an existing page?

Let’s say you’ve picked the most common option, “Pick a Template.”

Step 2: Pick a Facebook landing page template

Choose from six types of templates:

Once you’ve decided on a template for your Facebook landing page, simply click it, and begin customizing.

Step 3: Customize your landing page

Learn about how to change page colors, drag elements, and click to edit any text by checking out this guide. Then, create an anatomically correct Facebook landing page by adding:

Step 4: Make sure mobile is enabled

Once you’ve finished editing your Facebook landing page, mouse over the button in the upper-left that reads “Mobile.” You should see a drop-down appear that either says “Mobile Enabled” or “Mobile Disabled.” If it’s enabled, you’re fine. If it’s not, make sure you click to enable.

This is important. We’ve found that the mobile version of your landing page will look best within your Facebook tab. That means if you don’t have the mobile version of your landing page enabled, you won’t be able to publish to Facebook.

Step 5: Publish

Now that you’re done editing and you’ve enabled the mobile version of your page, scroll to the upper-right hand corner of the page and click the blue “Publish” button.

Then, you should see a box that will ask you where you want to publish it:

Click “Facebook.”

Step 6: Select the page you want to add your Facebook landing page to

Now a box should appear in which you’ll see a drop-down. From that drop-down, pick the page you want to add your Facebook landing page to, then hit “Add Page Tab.”

Step 7: Use your custom URL to promote your Facebook landing page

After you’ve selected which Facebook page to publish your landing page to, you’ll be given a URL that you can use to drive people to it. It will appear in a pop-up box, like this one:

Step 8: Edit the custom tab of your Facebook landing page

Now, this part is important. In this brief video, we explain how to position your Facebook landing page prominently so that your fans can see it:

It’s that easy!

Facebook landing pages are a valuable tool for helping you move fans further down your marketing funnel to turn them into customers. Create your own in just 8 easy steps with one of Instapage’s 100+ expert marketing templates.

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