Inside the Numbers: What We Learned from the Best Marketers Using Instapage

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Today we’re going to do something we’ve never done before.

We’re going to give you a peek behind the curtain at what some of the best marketers on the planet are doing to generate more post-click landing page conversions.

We’re not talking about things like writing benefit-oriented headlines or including eye-catching hero shots. We’re talking about real data from actual Instapage power users — experts and professional teams from across the globe — who are partly responsible for the 1 million Instapage post-click landing pages that convert at over 25%.

These are the top performers of Instapage. And we want you to join them.

That’s why, below, we’ve divulged exactly what our pro and premium users are doing differently than our free users to generate more conversions when they hit the “publish” button.

Before you create even one more page, learn what sets them apart, and make sure you can check off every box on the Instapage 25-point publishing checklist.

5 things the best marketers do when publishing their post-click landing pages with Instapage

1. Published a page on a custom domain (33% vs. 7%)

There’s a reason people all over the world recognize the Nike swoosh and the little green gecko who can save you 15% on car insurance in 15 minutes or less. That reason is brand consistency.

According to Infosys, 34% of people are likely to spend more on a brand if its messaging is consistent across channels — email, social, and even offline ones like direct mail. That survey also shows that 39% of people are likely to spend less on a brand that’s not consistent with its messaging.

What does that mean for your post-click landing page? It means that its design needs to be consistent with all of your other marketing materials — and more than color, font, brand voice, and logo.

“Online, your brand isn’t just about your logo. In computer terms, it’s reduced to your domain name and related trademarks,” says Heidi Cohen.

When you publish your Instapage post-click landing page to your own domain name, your branding remains consistent. Your visitors see the web address they’ve become accustomed to typing in, and they immediately recognize where they are.

On the other hand, when you publish to our pagedemo server, things look a little different:

And even that small difference, “” on the end of a URL, can make visitors question where they are and if, in fact, this page belongs to the business they think it does.

At a time when scammers have gotten really, really good at stealing personal information with copycat pages, it’s a matter of not only brand consistency, but trust as well. Publishing to custom domain is a key step in creating a frictionless post-click landing page that your visitors feel comfortable enough to convert on.

A third of Instapage pro and premium users are publishing to a custom domain compared to only 7% of free users. Learn more here about how to boost trust and minimize friction by publishing to a custom domain.

2. Google Analytics entered (12% vs. 1%)

Not long ago, we crawled 16 popular marketing blogs on the internet to find out the tools they used to gain greater customer insight. Nearly every one of those blogs had tags from Google Analytics installed.

It’s easy to understand why — the robust, free tool is one of the most effective for learning who your visitors are and how they behave on your website.

When you use it together with your post-click landing page, you’ll be able to learn simple things like visitor demographics, user browser preferences, and average session time, along with more complex insights like touchpoints in the customer journey:

With greater customer insight comes better A/B tests, more targeted messaging, and optimizations that have the potential to boost conversion rates.

That’s why Instapage premium users were 12x more likely than free users to install Google Analytics. Join some of savviest marketers on the web by learning how to install the tool on your post-click landing page here.

3. Integrated with anything (30% vs. 7%)

The best marketers know that, today, it takes a carefully constructed marketing stack built with best-in-class software to provide a seamless customer experience. Research confirms it — compared to second-class marketers, industry leaders are using more technology to get things done.

Those tools include popular solutions like…

Fortunately for you, Instapage integrates with all of those and more. So no matter what your marketing stack looks like, you can be confident Instapage will fit into it neatly.

The three most popular integrations among our pro and premium users were MailChimp (8%), Zapier (6%), and ActiveCampaign (3%).

Learn more about how to create a smooth and sound customer journey with all Instapage’s integrations here.

4. Invited other team members (16% vs. 1%)

Remember Jim Moffat? The Deloitte CEO who had trouble leaving work at work during a vacation to Scotland?

“Unplug” was the wise advice from a partner that changed the way he managed his team — specifically, by making him realize he couldn’t do everything himself.

If you’re a micromanager with your hand in day-to-day tasks like post-click landing page creation, it’s time you considered working less in your business and more on it. And team members can help you do that.

By inviting your staff to join your Instapage team, you can begin to scale effectively by transitioning from a doer to a manager of people, then from a manager of people to a manager of managers.

Assign employees to particular client accounts, allow them a range of permissions, and give them a chance to show you what they’re capable of. And as of November 2016, you can grant team members additional permissions and privacy.

In Jim’s words:

“A true leader steps back, trusts his or her people, and allows them to succeed. By taking a break from the day-to-day operations, not only was I spending some much-needed time with my family, but also I was able to focus on the bigger picture of where we were and where our business was heading.”

Learn how to start getting more done with team members here.

5. Meta Pixel Entered (7% vs. 1%)

It’s always wise to research social networks before joining them as a business, just to make sure your audience uses them. Well, except Facebook.

With nearly a quarter of the world on the platform, you can bet your target demographic is among them. What’s more, Facebook’s pinpoint ad targeting capabilities make it easy to reach almost any kind of user.

To showcase just how impressively accurate those capabilities are, we once targeted Facebook users who were 25-30 year-old liberal, divorced, doctorate-holding, female General Motors mechanical technicians, who studied mechanical engineering at Harvard between 2008 and 2012, who have a child between 1 and 2 years old, own a Lincoln, speak English, are interested in XBOX or Microsoft, and are traveling within a 25-mile radius of Boston, Massachusetts.

Whew. What a mouthful.

It’s that specificity that makes Facebook advertising so appealing to Instapage’s pro and premium users — which is why they were 7x more likely to install the Meta tracking pixel on their post-click landing page.

An all-in-one pixel, it allows marketers to do things like track key performance indicators, automatically segment audiences, and even retarget Facebook users who have visited certain pages of your website.

Join the best marketers by learning how to do all that and more with the Meta Pixel.

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