How the Different Types of Landing Pages Work [VIDEOS]

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Not too long ago we premiered the first four videos of our educational series. These early episodes focused on understanding the basics of a post-click landing page, such as: What is a post-click landing page? And, what are the Primary Components of a Successful post-click landing page.

Our latest batch of educational videos is geared for marketers who are slightly more advanced. Think of it as going from freshman to sophomore year, or moving up from 100-level courses to 200-level courses.

As was mentioned in the blog post announcing the arrival of the first videos, there are two distinct audiences, or personas, these videos are targeted to.

The first is individuals who work at, with, or for agencies and consultancies. Each episode is designed to help professional marketers bring their new-to-digital-marketing clients up to speed and inform them of the vital role post-click landing pages play in assuring the success of their campaigns.

The second audience is individuals who are new to marketing or are looking to increase their knowledge on a particular marketing fundamental. This may include students of business and marketing to those wanting to better understand digital marketing.

In this installment, we’re aiming to help the above two groups along with a third audience. This third group can be broken into two distinct categories.

Welcome to agency life

Category A is the new agency team member. Usually, this is someone who is more junior, who is new to working with design teams or account and market managers. It can also be someone who is moving from a traditional media background to one that is more digitally focused.

These 200-level episodes take a more technical look at what goes into the construction of a post-click landing page. So, if you’re someone who would like to know more about A/B split testing methodologies, watch episode 5, below. Want to craft an effective sales post-click landing page? Then watch episode 7 below.

Time to grow

Category B is the business owner who is looking to gain more information before contracting a digital agency.

To compete in today’s business environment creating digital campaigns is a must. And, the creation of these campaigns is best left to agency pros.

If you’re a business owner, the smartest, first step you can take is to become acquainted with the positive ways a post-click landing page can get you more, higher quality leads and positively affect your bottom line. Then, go shopping for the agency that delivers the services you require — among them post-click landing pages created on the Instapage platform.

Episode 5

A/B Split Testing Tips to Improve post-click landing page Conversions

Creating a post-click landing page is only one-half of the maximizing your advertising ROI equation. The other is making sure your page is converting. That’s where A/B testing comes into play. In this episode, we walk you through the essentials of A/B testing. Stop wasting your advertising budget on post-click landing pages that aren’t converting and learn the ins and outs of A/B testing today.

Episode 6

Simple Lead Capture Page Techniques for Better Marketing

The lead capture post-click landing page serves a single purpose: to collect a visitor’s information via an optimized lead capture form. In this lesson, Marketing Evangelist Jamarie explains how a good lead capture page can induce a customer to exchange their personal information for your offer/promotion. Plus, learn how to create pages that can double, even triple, your conversion rates.

Episode 7

Buy Now: Sales Page Tips for post-click landing page Marketers

You know you’ve got a great product or service. The trick is, how do you convince the rest of the world to buy it? One way to spread the word is by creating a sales post-click landing page. How that’s done, what kind of sales post-click landing pages are right for your product, and how to accurately target your message, is explained in this video.

Episode 8

How Marketers Make and Use Splash Pages

There are two schools of thought when it comes to the use of a splash page. The first is, never use it. The second, go for it. This episode thoroughly defines what a splash page is, what it does, (spoiler alert) why you should use it, and when and where it makes the most sense.

Episode 9

How to Make a Squeeze Page That Works

We dissect the various components of the Squeeze Page and provide some useful do’s and don’ts when it comes to the proper application of this highly effective lead gathering tool. Watch, learn, and be ready to be amazed by just how powerful a well-crafted squeeze page can be.

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