How Instapage Designs Templates to Increase Conversions

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Instapage was built to make advertising better and provide a better post-click experience.

That’s why our fully customizable landing page builder lets you customize your pages in any way you like without having to write a single line of code. It’s also why we made it easy to A/B test your landing pages. And finally, (now, here comes the biggie) it’s why we created 160 optimized landing page templates just for you.

Yep. We really do have 160 landing page templates you can choose from: 89 that come free with your Instapage account and 71 available on Themeforest.

We understand where you’re coming from. Chances are good that you’re a marketer who is tired of running to your IT guys for help every time you need a new landing page. That’s part of why we pay such a huge amount of attention to our landing page templates. With the help of a template, even the most technically challenged marketer can create a professional landing page in two minutes.

Excited? Good. We are, too.

We wanted to let you in on the behind-the-scenes process that leads to the templates that help you create optimized landing pages. Check out what drives our designers to create templates that come engineered to generate conversions.

A look behind the curtain

Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, Instapage templates aren’t created on a fluke. All of the templates you see in the builder had to go through a rigorous process to be deemed worthy of your use.

Let’s start with the inspiration.

This is the beginning point for how we design our templates. Every template is created to fulfill one particular purpose, whether that’s getting more signups for your webinar or more free trial users for your SaaS company.

We get that every industry has different landing page demands, which is why the first step to creating our templates lies in creating categories for various industries.

Defining the needs for every industry

Instapage templates are categorized by industry.

How do we pick which industries to create templates for?

We ask you. The main inspiration at Instapage design headquarters is always – and will always be – you!

We understand that you have different landing page needs for varying campaigns. That’s why we ask which templates you want. We currently have templates for lead gen, click-through, webinar, mobile app, and thank you pages.

Our customer success department has been instrumental in this regard. Like a well-oiled machine, customer feedback goes from the customer success department to the design department, which then yields our templates.

Here are a few of our customer messages about templates.

Designing the components of the templates

After we have chosen the industry, we refer to our main wireframe Wally to start structuring our future templates.

Here’s a picture of Wally.

We love Wally.

He has all the ingredients that an optimized landing page needs. Industry-specific wireframes are then created individually. Wally forms the basis of our component-based template design.

Next, our design department looks at outrageous amounts of designs and identifies patterns in each industry. We then create landing page templates that not only fulfill the industry requirements but do so with flair.

Some components of our templates remain the same regardless of industry, these are the elements we find critical to landing page optimization.

Critical LPO elements on every landing page template

This is the optimization checklist we go through before we publish every template, a benchmark for template success of sorts.

  1. Does the template have all the necessary elements (headline, image, copy, form, CTA)?
  2. Do the elements have ample whitespace around them?
  3. Are there social elements on the template? (these do vary with some industries)
  4. Does the template follow the natural eye path order?
  5. Does the image in the template add emotional appeal or have another clear purpose?
  6. Is the CTA button big and contrasting?
  7. Does the template work toward one page goal?

If a template fails on any of these points, we take it back for alteration.

The five second test

After the optimization checklist, we subject our templates to a five second test. Every element is seen by new eyes and those that fail to impress are (you guessed it right) sent back for alteration.

Our top 5 templates

In the spirit of transparency, we thought you’d enjoy seeing the top 5 templates that our customers select for their landing page needs.

The lead gen template has a phone number on it to help build trust. The image helps convince your customers into trusting you with their information. Additionally, there’s a lead capture form just the right length and a contrasting CTA button.

The template encapsulates everything that a clickthrough landing page must have: a nice USP-declaring headline, an emotive and relevant image, and a contact form with a contrasting CTA on it.

The ebook template has an image holder for you to display your beautiful ebook cover, space for headline and copy so that you can tell you visitors how much value you’ll provide, and a big CTA button. Finally, it’s finished off with a short lead capture form and a place for you to give a link to your privacy policy.

The SaaS landing page template has a big image in the background, which is keeping with the latest trends. A headline and copy that explains why your visitors need to sign up. A relevant CTA and a customer tally induces the power of social proof, along with some endorsements.

This template meets all of your app landing page needs. You can present an image of the app being used or another image to invoke an emotional response, a big headline, short copy, and a contrasting CTA button.

We believe every promotion needs a page and this is why we provide you with 160 pre-optimized canvases to build your very own.

What templates would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments!

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