Landing Page Services: How Agencies Charge Their Clients

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“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

If anybody knows value, it’s the world’s most successful investor and speaker of those two profound sentences: Warren Edward Buffett.

For the last several decades, the Oracle of Omaha has made his living by determining the value of companies all over the world, and purchasing part ownership of them based on what he believes they’re worth; or, in other words, investing.

When businesses make the decision to hire you, they’re investing in your agency. That’s why it’s crucial to know exactly how valuable your services are to your customers and to charge them accordingly to ensure you’re fairly compensated.

So when it comes to offering a post-click landing page service, how do you sell it if you’re not sure what its value is to your clientele?

Before we get into that, let’s quickly go over what a post-click landing page service is.

What are post-click landing page services?

As an agency, you don’t push a product. What you’re selling is a service.

Maybe you offer keyword research and blog writing for your clients; maybe you manage companies’ Google Ads accounts and display advertising, or maybe you’re in the business of link building.

Similarly, some agencies (like Autogrow) charge their customers a fee to create and optimize web pages that are designed specifically to convert prospects — to get them to move further down their client’s’ sales funnel:

That is a post-click landing page service.

Now that you know what it is, should you offer one? And how should you go about charging for it?

Let’s discuss.

Should you offer post-click landing page services to your clients?

Whether or not you provide a post-click landing page service depends on how valuable post-click landing pages are in your industry.

For a web design agency, providing a post-click landing page service is a no-brainer. But if you’re a link building agency, you may decide that post-click landing page creation just doesn’t fit into your business model.

Let’s take a look at some different types of marketing agencies to determine how post-click landing page services fit into their offerings.

1. PPC Agencies

Pay-per-click advertising agencies help businesses manage advertising that is paid for on a per-click basis. These ads appear on search engine results pages depending on the query.

Below are a few PPC ads that appear on the search engine results page for “PPC agency:”

Most of the time, these agencies specialize in running and optimizing Google Ads & Bing Ads campaigns; but sometimes they offer additional services — like paid social media and display ad management.

Importance of post-click landing page services: Crucial

Every PPC campaign needs its own post-click landing page! And if you’re not going to create them for your clients, someone else will.

Capitalize by offering a post-click landing page service to your clients, and cite the importance of message matching to convince them you should handle the entire campaign, from start to finish — yourself.

2. Web design agencies

Web design agencies specialize in helping people create beautiful, flawlessly-functional websites and pages. Typically they offer services like back-end development, mobile responsive optimization, and website design.

Importance of post-click landing page services: Highly important

As a web design agency, most of your clients will contact you to develop a website for them from scratch. Many will reach out to ask you to create standalone pages intended to convert prospects during a promotion.

These are post-click landing pages! If you’re not well-versed in how to best create them, you’ll lose business to a more capable agency.

3. Content marketing agencies

If you believe that the pen is mightier than the sword, have a way with words, and a knack for storytelling, content is most likely the cornerstone of your agency’s success. Content marketing agencies specialize in blog content creation, editorial writing, and advertising copywriting.

Importance of post-click landing page services: Highly important

If you’re a skilled content writer, you’re already halfway there as far as post-click landing page creation goes. Most of the time you’ll be leaned on to create blog and website content, but you’ll also be called upon to craft compelling copy for post-click landing pages.

This copywriting agency, in particular, specializes in post-click landing page creation:

Read the Instapage guide to post-click landing page optimization, and take advantage of these 200+ customizable Instapage templates, and you’ll be able to handle all your clients’ post-click landing page creation needs in-house.

4. SEO agencies

SEO (search engine optimization) agencies help businesses appear higher up on search engine results pages for queries relevant to their industry.

Considering the fact that less than 10% of searches make it past the first page, a good search engine optimizer is a highly valued asset to any business for their ability to draw customers organically to a customer’s website:

Importance of post-click landing page services: Slightly important

Search engine optimizers are masters of keyword research and email outreach, and they stay on top of every Google algorithm update. In the majority of cases, SEOs will be tasked with optimizing the keyword density of the front end of web pages, and the meta tags, meta descriptions, and alt tags. While they may work to optimize landing pages for search, they likely won’t be creating many.

5. Social media marketing agencies

These agencies manage Facebook profiles, Twitter accounts, Pinterest boards, and many more. That includes running both paid and organic campaigns. With the explosive growth of social media over the past several years, specialists in this industry are in high demand.

Importance of post-click landing page services: Moderately important

Experts at tweeting, posting, pinning and filtering, employees at these agencies spend their time engaging with a brand’s loyal following on relevant social networks. While they’re expected to write catchy headlines, manage paid campaigns, and socialize competently with fans, they’re not expected to create post-click landing pages.

Since there will be times the goal of paid social media promotions is to send traffic to a post-click landing page; blow your clients’ minds by creating them yourselves with Instapage — and offer the service as part of an all-in-one package. In doing so, you are providing more value to customers (remember “value is what you get” in the introduction?).

6. Conversion rate optimization agencies

This crew specializes in optimizing the online sales funnel of businesses that seek them out. They usually offer services related to A/B testing, multivariate testing, and optimizing pages to boost the number of prospects who convert.

Importance of a post-click landing page services: Crucial

A/B testing, multivariate testing, and conversion optimization can all be tough processes to perfect. Use Instapage’s software to quickly test and customize variations of your clients’ post-click landing pages and deliver work faster than ever before.

How to price your post-click landing page services

You’ll need to determine how a post-click landing page service fits into yours and your clients’ business model to know how to charge for them.

For example:

A PPC agency, it makes sense to predetermine the number of post-click landing pages you will be creating in your initial scope of work, since you’ll be creating a post-click landing page for that exact number of PPC campaigns that you run (that’s a lot of post-click landing pages). Offering it as a standalone service that you charge clients for on a per-page basis would be impractical, and likely too expensive for people who would need multiple pages created.

However, a social media marketing agency, for whom a post-click landing page service isn’t central, would do better to offer post-click landing page creation as a separate line item.

That’s because these agencies focus primarily on social media engagement, and won’t be creating as many post-click landing pages as a PPC or web design agency would. So charging on an as-needed basis makes more sense in this case.

Regardless, always make sure that:

And if you’re one of the agencies listed above that should offer a post-click landing page service (but doesn’t), consider offering it as an add-on service if you have the manpower.

If you don’t have a sizeable staff or the budget to bring a developer on board, consider using Instapage to power your post-click landing page service. You’ll be able to create beautiful post-click landing pages in minutes, test, and optimize them using straightforward analytics, and publish them with just a few clicks of a button.

And you can do all of this without the help of any technical staff.

To begin creating post-click landing pages for your clients today, sign up for an Instapage Enterprise demo today.

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