The Results Are In: We’ve Crowned The Top 10 Landing Pages

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How did you feel every time a new Harry Potter movie came out or the day the new Game of Thrones season started? Ecstatic? Over the moon? Thrilled? Well, the aforementioned emotions are exactly what our users must be feeling today because today is the day that we’ll announce the winner of the Instapage Landing Page Challenge and analyze the other top 9 candidates.

Go grab yourself a bowl of popcorn and sit comfortably on your couches as we begin the analysis process. A little disclaimer before we begin though, everything I say below comes from the deep crevices of my heart, which is a fancy way of saying that whatever I say comes from a good place so take it constructively and edit your pages accordingly.

I’m going to be analyzing these landing pages keeping in mind the principles of conversion that are needed to create a POLP (perfectly optimized landing page).

The Winner: Free Makeup Samples

Congratulations Free Makeup Samples you have taken the Instapage Landing Page Challenge Cup and with it have won an unlimited Instapage account free for life!

Now with the analysis.

The headline pops, it doesn’t beat around the bush and directly answers what the target visitor needs. “I Want Free Makeup Now!” and the visitor is like, “yes, that’s me!” and is then reeled in to read the rest of the page. The image of the woman all made up is relevant and eye catching.

The CTA button copy is personalized and not generic on top of this the pink color contrasts well with the background. Another element that’s conversion friendly on this page is the instructional video, it’s a treat for everyone who comes on the page.

The page has social media integration, though I would suggest that they remove the social media counters as the numbers aren’t really that high. The copy of the landing page addresses the visitor in a very conversational manner which gels well with the tone of the page.

2. E-Solmedia

What this page does the best is make use directional cues, once you start at the top you can’t really help but go all the way to the bottom. The page does lack a good compelling headline but it makes up for this by having a solid theme throughout the page. The page is about investing in crude oil and that is apparent in each and every line. The lead capture form size is adequate, the CTA does merge a little with the form but I’m guessing that’s because they wanted to maintain the whole black and white theme.

The page has a privacy policy and a disclaimer that helps with the credibility of the page. The images on the page are relevant and unique, and the copy is brief and yet explains the concept of the page very clearly.

3. Le Ptit Galopin

The page has a very professional look which is the first thing that you notice when you click on it. It’s a video service and that is evident in every element on the page, the image says that, the headline shows that and so do the samples on the page.

The copy is laid out in points with lots of white space which makes it easy to read and hence understand. The CTA button is contrasting and big and the video on the page helps the visitor get the extra information that he needs.

The page has certifications on it which helps with the credibility process along with a nice user testimonial alongside a smiling hero shot of the customer. They also have a phone number mentioned for people who want to get more information or just want a more personal opinion, the phone number also helps with credibility as it assures the visitor that the service has an offline presence.

4. Epic Technical Solutions

The overall layout of the page is clean and effective. The thing that stands out the most on this page is the contrast, they have done a great job emphasizing their page with light text on dark background. The copy is listed in points which is good for readability though adding more whitespace between the points would benefit it even more.

The CTA button is contrasting, the fact that they have three CTAs is a little daunting. The lead capture form is arranged properly, however it is a little too long for a free trial. There is also a video on the page which helps with the conversion process. They also have a phone number mentioned which adds credibility to the service.

5. Developing Labs

The page has a center focus approach which works to its advantage as all the crux of the message is found there. The page is lacking a solid headline but the name of the organization and their tagline makes the purpose of the page pretty clear.

The copy of the page is relevant and professional, there isn’t a lot of mention of “you” but they make it up for it with the phrase “If you are interested in becoming a part of the growing…” The lead capture form is of the right length and the CTA is contrasting, though the copy could be personalized more.

The overall color combination of the page is attractive and there is social media integration.

6. Isement

The Isement landing page is clean and simple, the headline is clear and effective – it piques the visitor’s curiosity by letting them know that there is something different to come. There is a lot of use of white space which is great for de cluttering the page and increasing readability.

The copy is divided into specific points with clear headlines for each point. The lead capture form is short and the CTA button is contrasting and big. The image is relevant as it conveys the concept of ad space and endorses the company’s name.

7. Loan Centro

The best thing about this landing page is the lead capture form, the fields are nice and clean what’s great is that they customized the form in a very impressive way, it is long but that is what should be expected from a loan service. The headline needs to be tested to make it more impactful, the USP has been mentioned but the phrase still lacks a certain punch.

The copy has been mentioned in neat easy to read points, the CTA button could be bigger with a more personalized CTA copy because just “Start Now” doesn’t sound as impactful. The testimonials are good but need to be humanized.

8. Rekan Penjual Buku

The thing that stands out most on this page is the very animated and somewhat goofy image. Though I had to use Google Translate to understand what the page was about the image told me it had something to do with students because that’s the vibe of the page and yes I was right!

The headline roughly translates to “it’s time we self-educate/learn” which is pretty clear and to the point. The copy is short and the lead capture form is designed professionally, with a specific monetary amount which lets visitors know exactly what to expect when they click the button. The page is very clean and to the point, it’s alluring with a nice contrasting CTA button.

9. Very Proof

The layout of the page is effective, it’s neat with a lot white space making it more attractive and hence more convincing for the users. The headline is short but could be improved as far as the wow factor is considered.

The copy is laid out in easy to read points with neat graphics by their side. The image features the product being used which is good for an app like this. I don’t agree with the lead capture form, I think it’s too long for an app, the page also has a lot of CTA buttons, this should definitely be tested.

Another thing that needs to be tested is the copy of the CTA button and the anonymous testimonial.

10. Xen Homes

The images really stand out and are relevant because the service has to do with real estate. The headline of the special offer page could be improved, the lead capture form should come after the visitor has been convinced by the copy and not before because that creates friction in the conversion process.

The features of the service have been described in neat boxes and my favorite word “you” has been used which puts a big fat smile on my face. The CTA button can be seen only when you scroll down the lead capture form which really isn’t ideal because not everyone is going to do that, plus the button is very tiny and not contrasting, this needs to be changed a.s.a.p.

There you have it folks the top 10 landing pages, if your page was included in the list above give yourself a pat on the back. If you didn’t see your landing page in this post don’t sweat it at all, we haven’t forgotten about you – we’re going to be doing a post on your pages soon.