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When you finish creating a professional post-click landing page, the next logical step is to promote it. Get it in front of the right eyes so that it can start generating leads and sales.

But what’s the best method to promote your post-click landing page and offer?

Google AdWords continues to be a top choice among many marketers. The program allows you to create digital ads intended to reach particular audiences that are interested in your product or service.

With our latest resource, the Instapage Google AdWords guide, you’ll learn why so many marketers choose Google AdWords as one of their preferred promotion platforms. You’ll also have everything you need to start promoting your own post-click landing pages with AdWords ads.

Inside the guide, you’ll discover:

Click the image below to access the complete guide. You can also go directly to a specific section by following any of the chapter links that follow:

Chapter 1: How Does Google AdWords Work?

The first chapter details what Google AdWords is and why many marketers rely on it for their online advertising purposes. It also explains how the program works, including details about the Search Network and Display Network, Google’s auction system, Ad rank, CPC, and Quality Score.

Chapter 2: How Do You Set Up an AdWords Campaign?

Chapter 2 outlines the step-by-step process for creating your AdWords campaign, including specific details about the various campaign settings, the keyword selection process, and ad groups.

Chapter 3: How Do You Create an Optimized Ad?

Once you’ve set up your AdWords campaign, the next step is to create your ad. And since paid ads are often the first interaction you initiate with your audience, you need to make a great first impression. This chapter details the three main components of Search Network ads, what ad extensions are available, and how to optimize Display Network ads for maximum visibility and clicks.

Chapter 4: Why It’s Important to Connect AdWords Ads with Relevant post-click landing pages

The best way to motivate prospects to follow through with their ad click and pursue your offer is with a relevant post-click landing page. Chapter 4 defines what a post-click landing page is, how to use message match effectively, and why marketers should aim for a 1:1 conversion ratio — illustrated by many examples.

Chapter 5: Common Google AdWords Mistakes to Avoid

Our Google AdWords guide concludes by discussing the three most common mistakes advertisers make with their campaigns. By reviewing these common mistakes, you can help ensure your AdWords campaigns account for user intent, bid on the most appropriate keywords, and apply the correct match types for maximum performance.

Get started the right way with our Google AdWords guide

Google AdWords provides a great platform for marketers to generate awareness, promote their offer, and convert leads into sales. But without an instructional guide to explain the intricacies and best practices, you can get stuck with underperforming campaigns and be wasting money.

We’re confident our new guide will help you setup your AdWords campaigns correctly right from the beginning, and we encourage you to refer to it as you optimize your campaigns.

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