Introducing the Instapage Form Submission Event Feature

Last updated on by Tyson Quick in Instapage Updates

If you’re even slightly familiar with landing pages then you probably already know that being able to customize the event that occurs immediately after a visitor has completed your form is mandatory.

As a marketer you need to send your landing page sign ups to a thank you page, a second step in your funnel, or deliver a digital download… just to name a few common scenarios.

Before today we’ve required our users to upgrade to a paid account to enable this type of functionality, however starting today you can now customize any form submission event completely free!

Learn how by watching this 1 minute video:

A few common things that you can do with the “form submission event” feature:

  1. Create multi-step funnels by redirecting to another landing page
  2. Send visitors to an external shopping cart checkout page
  3. Send visitors to a custom thank you page
  4. Deliver a digital file such as an ebook
  5. Show a confirmation message overlay

We’d love to hear what you think in the comments below. Enjoy!