New Instapage Features for March: Landing Page Search + Experimentation Filtering

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In December, we launched our dedicated Experimentation workflow that enabled advertisers and PPC marketers to create, manage, and measure testing initiatives within a centralized dashboard. The new workflow provided a unified and systematic process for users to perform advanced testing and data analytic functions.

That update was never meant to be a final version, which brings us to today, and the next iteration of Instapage Experimentation.

Bonus update: finding landing pages in your dashboard is now easier with Landing Page Search.

Experimentation updates and Landing Page Search are available for all Instapage customers.

Experimentation filtering

As you create more personalized experiences, you’re likely creating more experiments, too — and you need to find experiments and results quickly. Plus, you need a way to visualize and interpret the data to quickly evaluate how your experiments are performing. Additionally, you want a way to access detailed analytics for a specific experiment directly through that experiment page.

Today, Instapage made it easier for you to find experiments and track analytics within the Experiments portal. Now, you can find individual experiments quicker by filtering Workspace, Group, Page, and Experience to promptly locate an experiment. You can also narrow your search further using the experiment status filter by specifying “All,” “Running,” “Draft,” “Ended,” and “Archived” to return the most precise results.

Location filtering

Status filtering

It’s also easier than ever to view performance insights for your post-click landing page experiments. Within an Experiments page, you can see a graph of your conversion rate over time between variations — a visual representation of your experiment data that allows you to interpret results at a glance easily:

To view deeper performance insights for a specific experiment, you can also access the Analytics page for an experiment directly from the Experiments page by clicking on the “DETAILS” link in the Analytics section, where you’ll see detailed data for the date range specified for that Experiment:

What else is new?

User experience is always at the forefront of the Instapage product team. A commonly requested feature has been a search function where customers can locate a specific page quickly. Say hello to landing page search.

Landing page search

By accessing the new search bar at the top of the Landing Pages portal, you can quickly locate the page you’re looking for, which is a more direct way to find and manage each page:

This new functionality looks for your query in page titles located in the portal. For instance, searching “Post-Click” returns only landing pages with that exact phrase:

Access the new updates today

Sign in to your account here and check out the Experimentation and landing page search functionality for yourself.

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