What to Expect from the Instapage Enterprise Plan Onboarding Process

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Our sales and customer support teams often receive questions about the differences between our self-serve versus Enterprise plan. If you’re on the fence deciding if the Instapage Enterprise plan is the best solution for your advertising campaigns, use today’s article as a resource in your decision-making process.

In a roundtable discussion, I met with the following Customer Success Managers (CSM) to discuss their roles and how they empower Enterprise clients to maximize results with Instapage (left to right in the image above):

We are proud to offer digital marketers the most robust post-click optimization solution with the most advanced post-click landing page builder. Our Enterprise plan is especially unique to the industry because no other platform offers AMP, Instablocks™, or Global Blocks.

Read on to learn how some Enterprise customers including Verizon, eBay, Verifone, HelloFresh, Eurosport, TRUECar and more take their campaigns to the next level.

The initial steps of the Instapage Enterprise plan

Customers take one of two routes to Enterprise: either they upgrade from Core, Optimizer, Team & Agency (self-serve), or they are brand new to Instapage.

The first month of onboarding includes a kickoff call with a CSM, project planning, and platform training covering the following areas:

Introductions and information gathering

Based on the sales and kickoff call, the CSM will set expectations as to what they will do going forward and send the Enterprise customer some related content based on their needs. Content includes blog articles, long-form guides, webinar recordings, ebooks, marketing dictionary & custom best practices. The CSM will also gather additional information from the customer to better understand their top priorities, first set of campaigns, and success metrics.

As Justin says:

Our job is to help our customers not only achieve success, but to define it as well. Since every company is different, it's important to understand what success means for each team.

CSM understanding the customer’s use case

No two customers are the same and our CSMs take great pride in understanding the customer’s use case.

We realize that people buy solutions, not features, and listening to the customer’s pain points goes a long way in helping us customize a success plan for them.

For example, we often hear that customers don’t have a dedicated developer to create and update post-click landing pages easily. For these customers, we emphasize Instablocks and Global Blocks. For others that lack an in-house designer to build stunning pages that will convert, we suggest professional services because our team has many years of experience in post-click landing page optimization.

Discuss project prioritization and timelines

Enterprise customers (especially those new to Instapage) need to get familiar with all the plan’s benefits, so common requests include:

Andrei gives his perspective:

We want to make sure we’re addressing any of our client’s immediate requests during the kickoff meeting. This enables us to eliminate any potential blockers or pressure points and ensures a smooth transition from sales to customer success.

Defining success for the organization

Of course, digital marketers want their post-click landing pages to convert, but it’s not always about conversions. Sometimes customers just want to design better-looking pages (pixel-perfect design features). Sometimes they want to improve their workflow (collaboration). Others wish that all their team members have the power to create post-click landing pages (drag and drop builder).

Without asking the question, “what does success look like to you?,” our CSM can’t accurately lay out a strategic plan going forward.

Marius sums this up perfectly:

We pinpoint goals early on and focus our efforts on hitting those milestones. Instapage is a multi-feature platform and by identifying quick wins for each and every enterprise customer we work with, we can concentrate on reaching a desired unique objective early and then switch our focus to post-click optimization as a whole.

The overall goal of the kickoff call is so CSMs can assess the client’s needs and tailor meetings based on those needs. It is also worth mentioning that the customer journey is more hands-on for the first 90 days upon signing up for the Enterprise plan.

Customer check-ins occur frequently for the first 90 days followed by monthly check-ins thereafter. However, customers have the option to request additional meetings as needed. Check-ins are tailored for each customer and may cover topics such as onboarding, best practices, goal reviews, and future plans. If a call is scheduled, each one is recorded, documented, and a recap delivered to each account for referencing at a later date.

At the beginning of the business relationship, a win report is generated by the CSM which is used to develop a clear picture of what success looks like for that particular customer.

Review the newest Enterprise features

After introductions, CSMs reiterate what is different with Enterprise versus self-serve plans. Here, we provide an overview of new features, like personalization, AMP and Global Blocks:

In addition, we highlight some other key differences that self-serve plans do not offer, such as the collaboration solution, post-click landing page migration, professional services, priority support, and any service level agreements.

Instapage platform training

Platform training includes an overview of the templates library, our user-friendly builder, A/B testing capabilities, 40+ integrations, advanced publishing options, and the most sophisticated post-click landing page analytics available.

4 Primary areas of the Instapage Enterprise plan

Now that we’ve summarized the onboarding process, let’s detail the four primary components of the Enterprise plan.

Dedicated CSM

As mentioned earlier, Enterprise customers are assigned a dedicated CSM who will customize an onboarding plan based on their needs. Onboarding can consist of platform training for the team, ongoing training as new features are announced, and reviewing some best practices.

CSMs should be the first point of contact when Enterprise customers need technical guidance. Simply message, call, or schedule an appointment, and they’ll gather the necessary resources to either complete the request or present alternative solutions.

Having a dedicated CSM for technical questions means that you don’t have to spend valuable time on setup or consulting your technical team. CSMs also provide post-click landing page reviews based on the client’s current page design. The team will also conduct performance reviews based on traffic, conversions, and best practices.

Professional Services

Professional services is a great bonus for Enterprise customers because they get access to our conversion experts for tasks like custom code creation and/or design services. If it is possible to accomplish the request in Instapage, these experts will help implement custom code features (floating headers/sticky bars, for example). Another request is inserting code for a unique font into the backend of pages (where the customer’s preferred font is not part of drop-down).

Just like Instapage has its own branding guidelines, so do our customers. With Enterprise, our team will gladly create post-click landing pages based on customers’ guidelines, direction, and Instapage best practices. Here, the professional services team learns more about the goal of the page (is the page used for lead gen, click-through, other?) and design the pages with the appropriate customer logos, fonts, colors, images, etc.

Enterprise Features (early access)

Prior to announcing a new feature, Enterprise customers can receive early access to the beta feature. This has proven useful for both customers and Instapage because customers get to try out new functionality with their pages or analytics prior to its release, and we receive valuable feedback when it comes to final modifications. Previous early access privileges include Instablocks, Global Blocks, and AMP post-click landing page functionality.

Enterprise Priority Support

Every Enterprise customer has a dedicated team of support personnel, available 24/7 through email and 16 hours/day via online chat Monday-Friday in the Instapage platform. In addition, clients get direct access to their CSM through a dedicated phone line should they need to reach out in emergency situations. Any time an Enterprise customer contacts us they are identified and tagged in our system, which escalates their support priority — resulting in our fastest response times.

Verizon case study

See what our customers have to say about the Instapage platform, including Aaron Smith, SEO & SEM Specialist at Verizon:

Instapage is all about getting more conversions and paying less for it. It’s nice to have all of the design functionality and be able to build faster, but at the end of the day, it has to produce results. Instapage does that for us.

What traits do the most successful Enterprise customers exhibit?

Using the Instapage platform regularly helps clients become more comfortable in using all of the features and functionality. Clients who communicate with their CSM regularly continue to ask questions about the platform and their post-click landing pages. Also, those who continually A/B test their pages often see better results because they review their heatmaps and analytics to see what prospects engage with the most.

These customers are often running multi-million dollar digital ad campaigns every year so they require the best post-click optimization platform to convert ad clicks into conversions. It makes sense that they are very active users and take advantage of the complete Instapage platform while expecting the best support available.

Request your enterprise demo

Hopefully today’s article provides a glimpse into the onboarding process and how the Instapage Enterprise plan is the standard for the post-click optimization and post-click landing page industries.

Have any questions? Request an Enterprise demo and experience the Instapage difference for yourself.

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