8 Reasons Enterprise Companies Need More Than Simple Features

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Using the right platform to create enterprise landing pages has a significant impact on your advertising conversions. Most landing page creators available today offer drag and drop builders or WYSIWYG editors, conversion-ready templates, and A/B testing capabilities.

However, these features are pretty basic for an enterprise company looking to create personalized post-click campaigns at scale. Enterprise companies require more than just the standard features from their chosen platform.

In this post, we’ll give you 8 reasons why you shouldn’t settle for just a landing page “builder” with basic functionality. We’ll also detail how the Instapage solution is ideal for enterprise brands looking to increase advertising conversions.
1. You need personalized post-click pages

As a savvy digital advertiser, you understand the necessity to message and audience-match post-click landing pages for your ads. This means creating, personalizing, and optimizing post-click landing pages to every user who comes across the page.

However, most landing page builders don’t offer this sophisticated functionality. More often than not, what you get is pages with dynamic replacement text in the guise of personalization.

Dynamic text replacement works for simple word changes like a particular location match. But, it’s near impossible to match the context of a visitor’s intentions with a simple keyword or location insertion.

To do this, you need robust context matching that requires an entirely new experience. This means that every post-click page should have different page layouts, different image backgrounds, and a different story narrative based on who’s looking at the page.

Enter 1:1 ad-to-page personalization.

The Instapage Personalization solution helps you establish this context by enabling you to:

Create any number of unique page experiences for a post-click landing page
Attach experiences to specific audiences based on UTM parameters
Serve the right experience in real-time to the right audience
Automatically revert back to a default experience for audiences who are not attached to any experience
Add or delete experiences from a page in real-time
Create variations for a page experience to split test within a certain audience
Identify high-performing audiences by tracking metrics at audience level

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