How Elizabeth Warren Uses Facebook Ads & Google Search Ads with Post-Click Experiences to Try & Win the 2020 Election (3 Examples)

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The race for the White House is in full swing as candidates from both sides are doing their best to make great impressions with voters, gain trust, increase donations, and earn votes. For each candidate’s digital advertising teams, this means they are segmenting ads with dedicated post-click landing pages.

When the ad and post-click page tell the same narrative, candidates have a better chance of convincing prospects to convert on an offer.

We’ve examined how Michael Bloomberg and Pete Buttigieg segment their post-click landing pages, now let’s do the same with Elizabeth Warren.
Example 1: Facebook donation ad

To collect campaign donations, Elizabeth Warren uses the following Facebook ad:

Elizabeth Warren Facebook ad donation

The ad discloses that the campaign is getting closer to its $7 million fundraising goal and that the prospect could donate a minimal amount of $2 to get a thank you call from Elizabeth Warren.

Clicking through the ad brings the user to this post-click page:

Elizabeth Warren Facebook donation page

What is the offer? To generate donations. Since the ad and post-click page both talk about donations, the user knows they’ve landed at the right place.

Who is the offer for? The messaging in both the ad and post-click landing page is crystal clear.This page is meant for people who want to donate to Elizabeth Warren’s campaign.

Why donate? The headline and copy convey to the user that Elizabeth Warren is counting on them to power the grassroots movement. All the prospect has to do to become a part of the movement is to chip in. The headline, “Elizabeth is counting on you” invokes an emotional response in users who are passionate about the movement.

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