Editing Images with Instapage

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Images are truly worth at least a thousand words and can easily make or break your promotions’ outcome. With this in mind we set out to create an elegant yet extremely functional image management experience that would make crafting your landing pages more pleasant, easier, and maybe even a little fun.

The entire Instapage team has played a part in taking this new image experience from concept to reality over the past few weeks and today we’re excited to hand it over to you.

What’s new?

  1. Create folders to organize your image collections.
  2. Easily link images while in EDIT mode.
  3. Scroll through hundreds of photos in seconds.
  4. Easily update image settings (including alt text).
  5. A vastly improved overall experience!

We really hope you like this update and encourage all types of feedback! Like always, we have plenty of enhancements in store for this new experience.

Now go build something beautiful and keep improving those conversions one day at a time.

Tyson Quick
Instapage CEO

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