94 Ecommerce Statistics You Need to Stop and Read Right Now

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It’s hard to conceive of just how much the internet has changed the way we buy. Today, nearly everything is purchasable via the internet. From software to clothing, equipment to food, there’s nothing more than a few clicks away.

This kind of convenience is what’s propelled ecommerce to a multi-trillion-dollar industry, and it’s what will propel it to total dominance over the commerce in the coming decades. By 2040, it’s expected that 95% of all products will be purchased via the internet.

If you’re a business that thinks ecommerce isn’t for you, you’ll have a hard time maintaining your opinion after these 90+ statistics for ecommerce. Use them to guide your online strategy.

The big list of 94 ecommerce statistics

Whether you’re a B2B owner, a social media marketer, or somewhere in between, there’s a statistic in here that proves the power of ecommerce for your brand. Have a look below:

B2B ecommerce statistics

Mobile ecommerce statistics

Facebook ecommerce statistics

Shopping ecommerce statistics

Retail ecommerce statistics

Instagram ecommerce statistics

B2C ecommerce statistics

Miscellaneous ecommerce statistics


The ecommerce industry is growing quickly, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. The way consumers buy will never be the same. For advertisers, it’s either keep up or get left behind.

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