E-goi Integration is Here!

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Here at Instapage we’re all about awesomeness and simplicity – our integration with E-goi is a step in that direction. E-goi is a multichannel marketing tool; it’s an online software that integrates email, SMS, voice, fax and social media in a single place, giving you an all in one tool for all your marketing endeavors. E-goi helps you cut down your marketing costs and maximize your ROI.

It is this awesomeness that gave way to the Instapage E-goi integration, an integration that’s going to allow you to automate your marketing and increase your overall marketing success.

What does this mean for Instapage users?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

You’ll now be able to feed your landing page leads straight into your E-goi lists and then send your leads targeted emails, text, social media messages – basically whatever meets your fancy.

All you have to do is connect your Instapage forms with the email service E-goi.

This you can do by simply clicking on your Instapage form field and clicking edit, then just select the integration option of E-goi. This will open up a dialogue box asking for your API key, which you can copy from your E-goi account from the “integration” option.

Just enter your E-goi API key in the Instapage dialogue box and hit log in, you’ll then be given instant access to all your E-goi lists, choose the list you want your leads to be sent to.

All that’s left to do now is matching your Instapage form fields with the fields inside E-goi (the only ones required are the name and email address) and you’re done.

Now, every lead that you get on your landing page will automatically be transferred to your E-goi list and then you can choose to use the leads for your marketing campaigns using the amazing features offered by E-goi.

Sound simple enough? Watch the demo below:

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