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Enable your business to implement Groupon and other featured deals!

Everywhere you look these days, you’re being offered amazing “short-time” bargains that, let’s face it, are too good to pass up. In one week, I’ve purchased: an ultimate sushi experience, home-made photo-book package, a mountain-getaway and a bowling extravaganza for four because the Groupon, Living Social Deals, Top Twenty and Local Deals I encountered were such great prices that they were practically paying me to buy them!

The popularity of these types of programs is viral. Small businesses are exploding overnight because they’re featured as a popular deal and sell more in 24 hours then they might normally sell in a year.

Daily Deal Hiccups… and the Cure

A problem that many businesses face is that they don’t actually have direct access to their own websites, so any change to them (including a link to a featured deal) is being contracted out to a web firm, or webmaster- a slow and costly process. They might pay $200 for IT support to put a link up on their site for the 24 hours or 1 week that the special is actually running. (And probably a charge to remove it too.)

Instapage offers the perfect solution: A one-time link from your business website to your Instapage landing page, a page that you control and can easily edit. Using our pre-made template, build a page that highlights the current special you’re running and link it to an offers tab or icon on your site. If the offer is running for one week, keep the content the same during that time frame, and when your next deal goes into effect, simply change the content on your landing page.

You will only need one Instapage landing page, regardless of the number of times in a month you make changes to your “current special offers.” That’s $5 flat. Or run multiple promotions on any number of landing pages. No support from an outside firm required.

Click to view our current 100+ templates, including one for Groupon-style deal pages. These ready-to-go templates can be personalized with just a few changes, or you can get really creative and design your own custom daily deals pages from scratch!

Real-Life Example:

The hubby and I recently spent the night in Park City, Utah for our five year anniversary. We found a fantastic Travel Deal for dinner and lodging at a beautiful hotel. Naturally, when we found the offer, we clicked the link to the hotel’s site. While it provided delightful photos of the lounge, award-winning attached restaurant and recently refurbished mini-suites – no mention of the deal was made anywhere on the site.

Luckily, the place that we found the coupon was a trusted source, so we went ahead and booked the deal anyway, but had it been any other site, we would have been wary of spending the money when the hotel’s own website hadn’t even acknowledged the promotion.

So why hadn’t they included at least a link or some detail about the deal?

They contract out their website work. It was “… just too expensive to justify the cost for an offer that was only running for a few days.”

Instapage and $5 would have solved this problem: it would have made the offer seem more credible, given the opportunity to add additional details/offer changes or incentives available, and provided even more marketing exposure for the business and their deal.

Having only one additional conversion thanks to a link to a deals page from their site would have paid for itself 45 times over.

Use our Groupon-style template designed specifically to highlight your deals and promotions. Let Instapage give you more control of your website content and more capability to keep up with current marketing and sales trends by implementing coupons, promotions, and special offers into your business model.

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