4 Custom Code Landing Page Features to Increase Conversions

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Although the Instapage builder is designer-friendly, there are additional custom code landing page functionalities that can be requested by Enterprise users.

So, today we’re showcasing a few custom code features that our customer success team can help you implement in your page designs.

Range slider libraries

A range slider library is a two-handle slider control that allows page users to select one or a range of values, such as prices, times, dates, etc. by dragging the slider handles. The custom feature allows for good user experience on landing pages because it helps spruce up a standard lead capture form.

Range sliders allow prospects to enter a range they think is relevant to them, without having to go through multiple options on a standard form. The slider also works well for mobile experiences, since dragging the slider is easier than entering information into a mobile page form.


Expandable/accordion sections

Accordion sections are expandable in that they allow you to hide content until the page user clicks to display it. Every expandable section has a headline that lets the user know what it includes. If the user wants more information they can simply click to open the section.

Many Enterprise users implement accordion sections for FAQs because the feature enables them to provide details about the page offer without disrupting the page design.

This is a nice complementary feature because if a prospect is hesitant about converting, the FAQ section can nudge them in the right direction.


Custom forms

Your lead capture form is arguably the most important element on your post-click landing page since it allows you to collect useful prospect data.

With custom forms, you can add any custom functionality that will make the form completion process more seamless for the user and improve user experience. This helps you limit form friction and increase conversions.

You can request three custom code form features:

Form validation example

Timed pop-ups

Timed pop-up screens are triggered by an action a user takes on your post-click page.

While pop-ups have become infamous for being intrusive and causing user frustration, the stats are in their favor. Popups have roughly 2% click-through rates, which are significant enough results to warrant their implementation.

A personalized well-timed pop-up with the right offer can be the difference between a page bounce and a conversion.


You can create three kinds of timed pop-ups with HTML custom code in Instapage:

What custom code features will you use?

Interested in any custom code features? Enterprise customers can contact our Implementation Services Manager, Vasi for assistance. Business users can request an Enterprise demo and provide more details as to which functionality is desired.

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