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Even though, me using the word “cool” may lead you to believe that I have my very own High School Musical moment. I’m here to prove otherwise.

Saying something is “cool” does sound kinda corny, but that’s only because our criteria of what’s cool and what’s not changes with time. Just a couple of years ago we thought drinking Yoo-hoo through a funny swirly straw was cool, didn’t we?

Just like your neighbor’s shiny new bike, landing pages can also be “cool”. And how does one know that he’s looking at one of these cool landing pages, well for one you find yourself smiling for no reason, you get a warm fluttery feeling in your heart, and your eyes light up.

No, that’s not love that’s just you looking at a cool landing page!

The most profound impact that cool landing pages can have on you is the unending desire for you to build a cool landing page yourself.

However, that’s only possible if you have in front of you cool landing page examples to take inspiration from. Well, thank your lucky stars, because that’s precisely what you’ll be getting below; an entire range of cool landing pages and a list of reasons why I think these cool landing pages are COOL.

Cool Landing Page Example #1 Pulp Fingers

The Pulp Fingers design is cool because it’s different, the images look like someone hand sketched them, and they add aesthetic appeal to the landing page all the while introducing the company to the visitors.

The CTA button is big, and you see a finger pointing towards it, so, it’s really difficult to miss out.

Cool Landing Page Example #2 The Boring Machine

If there ever could be something cooler, not to mention cuter than The Boring Machine dude, do point me towards it.

The dude may well be filling up most of the landing page, but that’s what makes the landing page cool. The contact form is kept short; the copy is minimal andays to visitors everything they would want to know.

And well the headline just tells it all.

Cool Landing Page Example #3 Energy App

The Energy App landing page is cool because it’s simple. The graphic isevant and showcases the company’s logo. Additionally the copy has been nicely divided up into points that each tell a benefit of the service.

The headline is good. However, both of the CTA buttons should have been a little bigger.

Cool Landing Page Example #4 Nutshell App

This landing page is simple yet cool. There’s a video on the landing page that explains the app to the visitors.

Even if you don’t want to see the video, you can just read the copy and understand everything about the Nutshell App.

The CTA button has been designed in a contrasting color but should have been a little bigger.

Cool Landing Page Example #5 Kickoff

The Kickoff landing page has the three Cs; it’s clean, crisp and cool.

The image isevant and interesting; the page is minimalistic and intrigues the reader to find out more which is the basic objective of all coming soon landing pages.

The “submit” CTA button needs to be multiplied in size.

Cool Landing Page Example #6 Foodzy

Yet another cool coming soon landing page, Foodzy explains what it’s about through its short copy and graphic of the whole line of eatables on the shelf.

One look at this landing page and you’re sure to be punching in your email address right now!

Cool Landing Page Example #7 Bondsy

Though, the image of a rocket for a launch or coming soon landing page may be generic, but that doesn’t mean that the Bondsy landing page isn’t cool.

The headline is clear and intriguing, the contact form has a cool design and though the rocket is an old idea still the Bondsy rocket appeals to our aesthetic side.

The backdrop of the starry sky is another excellent touch.

Cool Landing Page Example #8 FlexiBits

The headline explains what the FlexiBits service is going to offer its visitors. The image isevant and vibrant.

The landing page is simple yet attracts the visitor towards itself.

Landing Pages Example #9 Chute

The Chute landing page image isevant and does send you off into the clouds. The headline is clear and effective.

The page is just playful and creative with good copy and a small lead capture form.

Cool Landing Page Example #10 Playtend

The Playtend landing page is not only cool, it’s cute too. The page is interactive with colorful andevant images and copy that explains the app to the visitors.

If it wasn’t for the navigation links, this could be a perfect landing page.

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