Attention Professional Bloggers: The ConvertKit Integration Is Here!

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A blogger’s revenue depends on three things: engaging content; promoting that content, and growing subscriber lists. Bloggers require personalized landing pages to promote content like webinars, workshops, newsletters, courses, and more. With such content variety, a single landing page won’t suffice. To promote them all accurately and fairly, each one needs its own page.

ConvertKit’s landing page platform only provides three templates and limited functionality. Their users need a robust landing page platform that can accommodate their need for on-brand, conversion-optimized, and personalized landing pages that drive subscriptions and revenue.

In customer support tickets and across our social media channels, ConvertKit has been one of our most requested integration partners. If you were at Craft + Commerce 2017, you already know the big news: We’ve integrated with ConvertKit!

What is the ConvertKit integration?

This integration will allow users to combine the power of Instapage and ConvertKit to create stunning, conversion-optimized, and mobile-responsive landing pages that sync subscribers seamlessly to their ConvertKit account. With personalized landing pages created on the Instapage platform, ConvertKit users will be able to grow their audience and increase their subscriber lists easier than ever before.

This feature is available on all Instapage plans!

(Fresh off our attendance at their conference, we hosted ConvertKit CEO Nathan Barry on our podcast this week to talk marketing in crowded spaces and email marketing. Go here to listen to the episode.)

The key benefit of our ConvertKit integration

Create stunning, conversion-optimized, and mobile-responsive landing pages that sync subscribers seamlessly to your ConvertKit account. When you’re ready to integrate your forms in Instapage, you’ll see ConvertKit in the integrations list at the top of the builder:

Once you click the logo, step 1 appears in this modal, and you can proceed with the succeeding steps to complete the integration process:

If you’re a current ConvertKit user, you will also notice this window in the app:

No matter which method you choose, converting your Instapage landing pages to ConvertKit has never been easier and we believe will provide tremendous value.

How the ConvertKit integration solves common pain points

Pain point #1:

ConvertKit’s landing page builder does not provide the functionality I need.

How the ConvertKit integration solves it:

The intuitive Instapage builder enables you to start from a blank canvas or use one of 200+ templates. Take advantage of advanced design features to build stunning, pixel-perfect pages that match your brand.

No longer must you eyeball or use guiders to ensure landing page elements are perfectly aligned. With design features like edge measurement, axis lock, and keyboard shortcuts, your pages will be perfectly aligned. Plus with custom CSS styling, our builder allows you to put those last 1% of finishing touches on your designs. Top if off with Adobe Typekit and Google Fonts integrations, and no other landing page solution can match our customization capabilities.

Pain point #2:

I need to create personalized landing pages, quickly, but I don’t want something too complicated to use.

How the ConvertKit integration solves it:

Instapage enables you to create stunning, on-brand, conversion-optimized, and mobile-responsive landing pages in minutes. The intuitive Instapage builder enables you to start from a blank canvas or use one of 200+ conversion tested templates.

Integrate your pages with ConvertKit today

Creating customizable, on-brand landing pages is a necessity for generating leads and growing a subscriber list. As of today, that process is easier with the Instapage-ConvertKit integration. For the step-by-step process to integrate your pages, visit our help center article.

Start creating your own beautiful landing pages with Instapage and integrate them with ConvertKit, today.

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