5 Surefire Ways Your Content Marketing Agency Can Crush It in 2016

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If you’re part of a content marketing agency, we’ve some got good news for you:

You’re going to be really busy in 2016.

Unfortunately, we also have some bad news for you:

You’re going to be really busy in 2016.

According to a survey of marketers all across North America, 88% of B2B organizations, and 76% of B2C organizations already invest in content marketing, up slightly from last year.

As far as next year goes, 51% of businesses plan to spend more on content marketing in 2016; even when, on average, they already dedicate a whopping 28% of it to creating engaging content.

In fact, only 2% said they plan to decrease the amount of content they produced last year.

Most surprising of all is that even though most of these organizations plan to spend more on content marketing, and produce more content in 2016, only 24% of them would rate their efforts as effective so far.

How could more business be bad news?

Good question. Normally, more business is great news; but when you’re facing a long list of challenges like today’s content marketers are, being too busy can mean drowning in work. And that can translate into missed deadlines, shoddy work, and lost clients.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest problems content marketers face today:

Looking at the graph, you’ll notice that “lack of budget,” “lack of time,” and “proving ROI” round out the top four. “Lack of integration across marketing,” and “not enough resources” make the top 10.

Enough of the pessimism, more good news!

Okay, you’re right — we were holding out on you.

There’s more good news.

Instapage can help you solve several of those problems.

As it turns out, content marketing in 2016 is shaping up to be all about one thing:


In the past, it’s been about brand awareness for some, customer engagement for others. This year make no mistake: The number one goal of 85% of content marketers is to generate leads.

Not only that but to 87% of respondents, the most important measure of content marketing success in 2016 is sales lead quality. To 71%, it’s sales lead quantity.

So how do you generate more, higher quality leads for your clients this year?

Landing pages. That’s how.

If you don’t already offer a landing page service to your clients, now is the time consider it. It’ll be central to your customers’ marketing success, and in turn, your marketing success in 2016 and beyond.

Check out how teaming up with Instapage can help you squash all the problems that your peers are having, and crush content marketing for your clients in the coming year.

1. Deliver content faster

50% of the marketers surveyed above said they didn’t have enough time to produce content.

As a former Marketing Manager at an agency that didn’t use landing page software, I can understand that. Getting a landing page published was always a tedious process that took nearly a week from start to finish.

The first time I used Instapage, I created and published a landing page in less than an hour, which included the time to write the content and add media.

The short timeframe is because I didn’t have to rely on several other team members who had tons of work on their plate to help me create the page. I could do everything myself with no coding or design experience whatsoever.

Hand the project off to your copywriter and let her add copy and images using the simple and fully customizable click-to-add tool from Instapage:

2. Cut costs

Because you don’t need technical staff to publish with Instapage, 53% of marketers will be happy to know they’ll save on the cost of hiring more developers for all the new work they’ll be doing.

That’s significant when you consider the average national salary for hiring just one developer is approximately $67,000 per year. For the cost of over 20 hours of work from one specialist, you could create pixel-perfect landing pages (and you’ll get some other pretty cool benefits, too, like full HTML editing).

3. Prove ROI

Just this week we unleashed the industry’s most advanced and powerful analytics tool. With our analytics, you’ll have no problem proving the ROI of your landing pages to management and your clients.

Since 82% of content marketers say “higher conversion rates” is the third most important measure of content marketing success, use A/B testing (still the most effective way to optimize conversion rates) to figure out which one of your lead capture pages is performing the best. Then, track the performance of the winner over time:

Sort by date range, view conversion rate versus unique visitors, or conversion rate over time to deliver any report your boss or client may need.

4. Seamlessly integrate across marketing

Webinars were rated as the second most effective form of content marketing in 2015.

Integrate GoToWebinar with your landing page, along with any of the other 20+ popular small business software you may already use — like Google Analytics, WordPress, MailChimp, and Salesforce.

5. Easily manage clients and team members

Since we made improvements to our user dashboard, managing clients and team members has never been easier.

Client accounts are front and center, easily accessible via tabs across the top of the user dashboard:

Now switching between client projects is a breeze, and the renaming feature makes them simple to organize.

Along with this update comes a better way to manage members of your team as well.

Upon logging in, you’ll see photos of the people on your team in the upper-right hand corner of your dashboard. Click on one of their names to edit permissions (View, Edit, or Manage) and give them more or less access to a particular project:

Are you prepared for what 2016 will bring?

Do you think your agency is ready to face the challenges that plague most content marketers?

Team up with Instapage to separate yourself from those who aren’t, and get ready to crush your content marketing goals in 2016!

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