Are You a Content Hacker?

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Before I begin – I would just like to say “Welcome to the Growth Hacking Bandwagon,” which truly is THE place to be if you want to make a name for yourself in your market no matter where or who your audience is.

Don’t look all confused!

I shall elaborate.

If you’ve never heard the term content hacker before, that’s just because it’s a fairly new term or should I say it’s a fairly new mixture of two of my favorite terms.

Just as macaroni would feel lonely without cheese, and spaghetti would bawl its eyes out without some meatballs – growth hacking without content marketing wouldn’t be so badass.

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth hacking is a term coined by Sean Ellis and basically encapsulates a marketing technique that was developed by technology startups which makes use of creativity, analytical thinking and social metrics to gain exposure and sell products.

According to Ellis, a growth hacker is a person whose true north is growth, so every action that a growth hacker undertakes is done in the name of growth.

One of the major things that a growth hacker cares about is finding the right product/market alignment. That basically means that the product that you’re selling and the audience to whom you hope to sell the said product are perfectly aligned.

Growth hacking isn’t about product growth it’s all about user or audience growth, which means that it has to do with product scaling – where a niche product can be taken global – yes growth hackers all dream that their service becomes the next Dropbox or Facebook, and they’re not ashamed to say this out loud because they know that when done right growth hacking has the potential to achieve that.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing format that involves the publishing and sharing of content in order to acquire customers.

The content can be in the form of ebooks, articles, blog posts, case studies or landing pages. The distinguishable quality of the content in content marketing is that it’s not published merely to sell to customers but to interact and communicate with them.

Content that the readers are actually interested in reading; because they know that it’ll help them solve their problems, not just make the guy sitting in the CEO’s chair richer.

The Birth of the Content Hacker

When you take the characteristics of a content marketer and a growth hacker in equal parts and join them together, you give birth to a totally new breed of marketing – an entirely new species known as the Content Hacker.

Who is a Content Hacker?

A content hacker is someone who is equal parts growth hacking and content marketing. He’s a content marketer who cares about growth, he just simply doesn’t write content he kills it (in a good way of course). A post or an article to a growth hacker isn’t just paragraphs of copy it’s a window of opportunity for social and viral sharing – an in for growth.

He doesn’t just focus on one content channel, but dabbles in all of them be it ebooks, infographics, guides, posts, webinars or landing pages.

Content hackers look for the perfect content/audience fit, irrespective of the kind of content they produce it’s always written for their target audience, something they would want to read – something that if they miss they would feel pangs of regret.

Content hackers look for sustainability rather than scale, they see their content as lasting longer than a tweet that’s promoting it, every piece of content is inspiration for new ideas – for new pieces of content.

Data for content hackers is the primary tool for ascertaining growth, just publishing content isn’t enough – they need to see it grow.

Want to Become a Content Hacker?

It’s only natural that you now want to transform yourself from being just a marketer to a content hacker, tell you what; I shall help you with that too.

Just remember all of the things mentioned in the paragraphs below when you sit to write your content, these tips work wonders for your landing page copy too.

1. Come up with Amazing Headlines

Yup, here I go with headlines again. I know I’ve said the same thing to you in numerous of my posts but trust me this tip is worth repeating.

There’s a lot that rides on your headlines – if they suck your prospect might not even start reading what you’ve written underneath and if he’s not going to read it of course he’s not going to share it.

Want some neat headline advice? Upworthy has some great tips in their slide deck.

As a general rule, try writing at least 3 headlines for anything you write and test them to see which one works better.

It’ll be worth your time.

2. Make Your Content Easy to Share

Want content growth? Always make your content easily shareable. Go beyond social media integration, use the ClickToTweet service to get basic click to tweet boxes for you to add your CTA and make it easy for your readers to share it with just one click.

Using multiple images in your content helps as articles that have images get 94% more views and 36 of the top 75 stories shared on Facebook include videos.

3. Guest Blog

Make sure that the posts you contribute are original, have amazing headlines and are easy to share and then you’re pretty much good to go.

I think it’s time you become a content hacker, don’t you?

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