Learn How Universities Like Capella Use Ad Segmentation & Sitelink Extensions to Boost Attendance (6 Examples)

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Pre-click advertising techniques tend to be the center of attention for many brands. From ad platforms to micro-targeting ads to ad personalization — even creating ads at scale. Each pre-click technique has been made progressively easier over time.

Meanwhile, post-click landing pages lack that same attention, which is likely why more than 95% of Google Ad clicks fail to convert.

To produce more conversions, you can’t ignore the post-ad-click stage. You must segment and personalize the entire user experience. Rather than linking every ad to your homepage or product page, send your ad traffic to personalized, post-click landing pages that continue the same story narrative from the ad.

Today’s article details how Capella University does it.

How Capella University segments post-click landing pages

Example 1: Bachelor’s Degree Google search

When someone searches Google for “bachelor’s degree from home,” they see this Capella ad:

We can tell the ad is segmented for a specific audience since it’s related to the search query:

Clicking the ad takes users to the post-click page below where the bachelor’s degree narrative continues:

The subheadline makes the offer more appealing by telling prospects they can find a degree program that fits their specific goals and lifestyle.

Dropdown lists of online bachelor’s programs also helps tell this part of the story showing visitors all the various options available.

The comparison between GuidedPath and FlexPath continues to highlight benefits of pursuing a degree at Capella, depending on which learning format the student chooses.

Stating that 90% of alumni are satisfied with their Capella experience also helps instill trust in prospective students.

Example 2: Capella University branded search

Searching by Capella’s brand name shows a PPC ad. However, this ad is divided into several different audiences using sitelink extensions:

Clicking the Bachelor’s Degrees extension leads to the same post-click page (and story) above. The main headline, though, takes prospects to this page:

Again, the list of available degree programs, and the comparison between GuidedPath and FlexPath, also help tell this part of the story, showing visitors all the different options available to Capella students:

Example 3: Master’s Degrees sitelink extension

Clicking the Master’s Degrees extension takes prospects to this unique post-click page:

The subheadline makes the offer even more enticing by telling prospects they can have complete control over their education at Capella.

Example 4: PhD Degrees sitelink extension

Someone interested in a PhD program would click that specific extension and arrive on this segmented page:

Example 5: Scholarships Available sitelink extension

If someone was interested in learning about available scholarships at Capella, they’d click through the last ad extension to this page:

The extensive list of Capella Progress Rewards and eligible programs also tells people why they should consider a scholarship because there are many options.

Example 6: Retargeting ads

After visiting all of the different Capella pages above, I was retargeted by multiple ads across the web. First, a banner ad:

Then two LinkedIn ads:

And finally, a Gmail Sponsored ad:

All four ads led to this post-click landing page that highlights the FlexPath:

The list of online programs available with the Capella FlexPath format also tells people why they should consider a scholarship (there are so many options).

This part of the story continues further down the page with the 6 reasons to choose FlexPath.

Compared to the Capella University homepage…

Instead of delivering a unique, personalized post-click landing page to segmented audiences, Capella’s homepage provides a general overview of what they offer, so users can explore everything themselves:

Since the homepage is generalized to anyone interested in Capella University, all visitors see the same page. It’s designed to be a browsing experience and doesn’t persuade visitors to convert on any specific offer.

Your ads deserve segmented post-click landing pages

To avoid wasting ad clicks and advertising budget — and produce more conversions — your post-click landing page requires just as much attention as your ads. You must segment and personalize the entire user experience by telling the same story narrative from ad to post-ad-click page.

Use the Capella University examples above for inspiration on how to connect your ads with segmented post-click landing pages, and get an Instapage Personalization demo to see how you can create dedicated post-click pages at scale for each target audience.

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