Making the Case for Best of Breed Software Over All-In-One

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Success doesn’t come to you, you go get it.

Powerful words, right? The kind of statement you’d find on a motivational poster or that you might recite as your workplace mantra. For all of us at Instapage, it’s a phrase we periodically restate to help us stay focused on our mission, and that is, to make advertising better.

Like everything else we do, we take the words, “Success doesn’t come to you, you go get it,” to the next level. We do this by helping our customers attain their own success by offering them the best of breed post-click landing page solution available — nothing more.

We believe that our product shortens the distance our customers must travel to go get their own success.

Why our product focus is post-click landing pages

First reason: The post-click landing page is where the conversion happens.

As great as it feels to get a prospect synced to your CRM, as awesome as it is that your newly acquired lead has been entered into your marketing automation system, and as uplifting as it may feel to send your customers your monthly newsletter, you had to initiate the journey.

The journey starts with a post-click landing page. That’s why you must create highly personalized post-click landing pages for your target audiences. Without a post-click landing page your chances at conversion shrink to near nil.

Second reason, and equally as important, why Instapage focuses on post-click landing pages is to ensure that digital advertisers are optimizing their ad spend. Too many times I see Google Ads that send search users to homepages and product pages that are not a dedicated page for a single offer.

Whether you’re using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads or any other ad platform; you already have the ability to do personalized ad targeting (buying intent, search history, geotargeting, etc.). Why aren’t you continuing to personalize the conversion experience with a dedicated post-click landing page?

All-in-one vs. best of breed software: Making the right choice

Post-click landing page platforms come in a couple of sizes. The all-in-one software version and best of breed solution. Which one is better for you is a matter of choice, though it pays to make the right choice.

One of the biggest questions marketing teams and agencies ask themselves when selecting the applications they need to grow and maintain their business can be distilled down to the cost/return ratio; aka, bang for your buck. (For a complete breakdown how to select the right post-click landing page software for your business, read our buyer’s guide.)

Some organizations opt to go with the all-in-one software solution. Usually these solutions allow marketers to execute and manage every facet of their campaigns “under one roof.” On the surface this may seem like a good way to go.

There’s a lot of evidence that suggests otherwise. Adestra email marketing software says that relying on all-in-one software may not be the best strategy for CMOs and their teams:

One of the biggest drawbacks to all-in-one software is that although it “does everything”, the performance of each module is often average at best. Although certain functions may be excellent, others almost certainly are not.

Best of breed software solutions or “point solutions,” are designed to perform a complex task and don’t concern themselves with being all things to all people. This level of specificity has the added advantage of being more “powerful” or better suited to addressing all business cases it is asked to handle. Best-in-breed solutions also deliver a superior user experience, improve efficiencies, and reduce cost.

One of the misconceptions that surround a best of breed solution is that it only does one thing. Untrue. Instapage is a point solution in one platform that includes the most powerful post-click landing page builder, along with a robust integrations ecosystem, advanced A/B testing capabilities, and team collaboration. While it is a best-in-breed solution it has the layered capabilities teams and agencies need to run entire campaigns and perform all the complex tasks the management of a campaign requires.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing best-of-breed software solutions is that in many cases they already offer some of the features other all-in-one solutions go out of their way to tout. Take pop-up boxes for example. Many SaaS companies already provide a pop-up box feature:

That’s just a handful of the companies that focus on a specific business task that offer pop-up boxes as standard equipment. We’ve offered marketers the capability to add pop-up boxes to their post-click landing pages a long time ago.

People love best of breed solutions

Instapage is a best of breed solution, and I’m not the only one who thinks so. Our customers agree as they ranked Instapage #11 on this exclusive G2 Crowd report for software products and “Leaders” in conversion rate optimization:

It’s because we dedicate our efforts to post-click landing pages and providing world-class customer support that we have earned this humbling praise.

Apple: Is there a more perfect best of breed proof point?

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple 1997, he cut 70% of its product line. Why? He saw a company on the brink of brand dissolution and recognized the short-sightedness of creating products that were hastily designed as an attempt to capitalize on the many technology fads of the age. With his vision and relentless pursuit, Jobs shrank Apple itself and in so doing turned it into one of the biggest companies in the world.

As Apple has clearly exhibited, the act of attempting to “cover all the bases,” can be reductive and reactionary and often leads to the creation of partial solutions. When you go with a best-in-class solution you’re fielding the best team, or in this case, operating your business with the marketing stack you can be confident will produce the best results. Instapage adheres to this philosophy meaning we’re absolutely dedicated to being the best Post-Click Automation platform — and nothing else.

Our recently released features are proof. Our grouping and alignment feature helps you design better mobile pages faster. Our inline style editor makes it easier than ever to create pixel-perfect post-click landing pages. Our advanced workspace Permissions and Privacy feature allows you and your team collaborate better. These are just a small sampling of software updates that have helped us become the most designer-friendly post-click landing page software with 100% customization.

Instapage is on a mission

We’re on a mission to make advertising better for everyone and we’re not getting distracted. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements as we look to provide you with relevant features that help you create optimized post-click landing pages.

Instapage is focused on post-click landing pages and optimizing ad spend, always has been and always will be. Get a customized demo today and experience the power of Instapage yourself.

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