Basecamp Landing Page Analysis

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Above the Fold

“Over 5 million people worldwide have used Basecamp to collaborate on over 4 million projects, track 57 million hours of work, share 46 million files, and complete 43 million to-dos.”

It’s clear that the people at 37signals are doing what it takes to maximize conversions on their landing page for Basecamp. But, what exactly are they doing to convert millions? Let’s check it out.

The Goods


Basecamp’s view from above the fold has all the features of a successful landing page. Their headline is simple, and it promotes itself as a great product. Their subheading is brief, yet emphasizes the popularity of the product and its rank compared to the competition.


Their vague, yet self-explanatory flowchart image represents the simplicity of Basecamp as an easy-to-use product that combines all the critical aspects needed to collaborate successfully on a team project.


The flow chart leads visitors directly to the call-to-action, which informs you of the free trial and that sign up only takes 60 seconds. An opt-out to take a quick tour is also included.

Another call-to-action is located just above the fold that reminds readers of the free trial and provides the starting price.

Real Success Stories:

One of the best parts of this landing page are the videos that include real customers explaining how their company benefits from Basecamp. Within the video’s pop-up box, there is a call-to-action included. There is also a link to other customer’s actual websites.

Trust Symbols:

Basecamp’s landing page has a list of partners and affiliates. Among them are massive companies like National Geographic, Warner Brothers, Kellogg’s, and Adidas. This builds brand recognition for visitors and trust in Basecamp’s product.


There is so much involved with this landing page just above the fold but is organized to not feel cluttered. There is color, but not too much. The brief textual content used is plain and easy to read.

Moving Down:

As visitors navigate past the fold things get even more simplified.


Business Week’s testimonial about the simplicity of the product usage starts off the next section of the landing page.

Show and Tell:

A quick screen shot show and tell demonstrates how simple it is. Anymore questions? Click their link that follows for a Basecamp tour that takes you to a still simple, yet more in-depth page about Basecamp’s usability. (Don’t forget their call-to-action at the bottom of the redirect page as well).

Last Call

How Does it Benefit Me?

Now that you know about how the product works, what other people think about Basecamp, the starting price, and free trial, Basecamp wants you to know the statistical benefits, societal and lingual integrations, and mobile availability of their product.


Simple imagery is used again to exemplify each paragraph’s point.

Some more trust credentials are provided through publications that feature Basecamp. This is a reminder to visitors that they can confide in Basecamp and commit to their product.

If that is the case then there is nothing else to do but purchase their product, but where?
Right at the bottom of the page is another call-to-action.

They have made navigating their landing page so easy, which can be extrapolated toward the product being just as easy to use, making it hard not to click and begin using Basecamp.

Applying Basecamp Strategies to Your Landing Page

You can see that there are distinguishing factors about Basecamp’s landing page that is certainly increasing their conversion rate. If you think you have a great product that is worth promoting, following the basic outline of a landing page like Basecamp’s can be beneficial especially if you are new to online marketing.

Remember that Basecamp has tested their page many times and continues to test to improve conversion rates. Some items that may have been on their page may not benefit yours. So apply the basics to your landing page, but keep testing and keep improving. Who knows, keep at it and your customer base could reach over 5 million too.

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