60 Software Automation Statistics Every Digital Advertiser Must Keep in Mind for Their Campaigns

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Automation is no longer the future — it’s here now. It’s here to offer incredible value to your business; to automate repetitive marketing tasks to allow more time for higher priority activities; and to provide the advanced personalization and relevance that your business needs to stand apart from the competition.

If you’re not yet using automation to improve efficiency — and in turn, your business’s bottom line — consider the following software automation statistics. After all, inefficiencies are costing many organizations 20-30% of their annual revenue.

60 Software automation statistics to review

Advertising automation statistics

Marketing automation statistics

Database automation statistics

Sales automation statistics

Cloud automation statistics

Social media automation statistics

Email automation statistics

How will you implement automation?

Software automation is an investment that can’t be denied. As evidenced by the stats above, it can no longer be considered a luxury feature or bonus add-on of the future. It’s an essential pillar of modern advertising designed to reduce time spent on administrative work, allowing you to focus more on revenue-producing tasks.

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Advertising automation

Marketing automation

Database automation

Sales automation

Cloud automation

Social media automation

Email automation

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