AdStage Webinar Recap: Increase Your Revenue with Strategic Paid Advertising (Infographic)

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Chief marketing officer roles and responsibilities are quickly evolving. Five to ten years ago, marketers were seen as cost setters — not revenue or growth-focused. Now, they’re just as responsible for revenue as the sales team.

In fact, the top priority for a CMO today is accelerating revenue growth across the organization:

AdStage webinar marketer’s top priority

In addition, Accenture asked a group of CEO, “Who within your organization is most responsible for driving disruptive growth?” The results showed that the majority of responsibility is in the hands of the CMO:

online advertising webinar growth responsibility

To meet this challenge, marketing teams have to align advertising data with sales goals.

According to HubSpot, 79% of leads never convert to sales partly due to a lack of nurturing. When there is nurturing through sales-marketing alignment, though, revenue can increase by 208%.

In our recent webinar with AdStage, we discuss how to drive more revenue with strategic paid advertising — by better aligning advertising data with sales goals.

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